Monday, April 2, 2012

Today's Haul- 2/4

So, mail bought some interesting items.  one was a lipgloss from Glostore ( this in flirt ) and a mineral eyeshadow palette from DB cosmetics  ( this, in brown ).

 The lipgloss came my way for being one of the first 200 to fill out a survey for glostore on facebook, the eyeshadow from a competition win.  the eyeshadow palette is reminding me a lot of the naked palette (at least from what i seen of it), i'm yet to try it, but there is a lovely mix of colours, lots of shimmery shades with a couple of mattes thrown in.  The lipgloss is lovely (i tried it out for the school pick up), non sticky, really nice colour (very pink), and a lot nicer than other mineral glosses i've tried.

I also signed up for a free Modelco eye liner, will post when it's received :)

New year.....

new blog, and new me?  i have made a vow this year, to look after ME!  i have promised myself that this year i'm a priority, i'm going to exercise (as so far this is a write off, i will get around to it), i will make sure my health needs are taken care of, and i'm going to start paying more attention to my beauty routine.

I promise you to pass on any brilliant products i find (especially the ones that are cheap, cheerful, and work amazingly well), as living costs are getting more and more expensive, and beauty products can be priced where you're wondering why you should buy product A when product B is a third of the price.