Monday, April 2, 2012

Today's Haul- 2/4

So, mail bought some interesting items.  one was a lipgloss from Glostore ( this in flirt ) and a mineral eyeshadow palette from DB cosmetics  ( this, in brown ).

 The lipgloss came my way for being one of the first 200 to fill out a survey for glostore on facebook, the eyeshadow from a competition win.  the eyeshadow palette is reminding me a lot of the naked palette (at least from what i seen of it), i'm yet to try it, but there is a lovely mix of colours, lots of shimmery shades with a couple of mattes thrown in.  The lipgloss is lovely (i tried it out for the school pick up), non sticky, really nice colour (very pink), and a lot nicer than other mineral glosses i've tried.

I also signed up for a free Modelco eye liner, will post when it's received :)

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