Saturday, June 20, 2015

Red Paw Paw June (winter) 2015

 Look what arrived on my doorstep yesterday!  Now, i'm not sure whether this will be my last box or not, they're changing up their payments again, so my subscription is null and void.  The cheapest a RPP subscription will be from now is $10 plus postage (which if the postage hasn't changed will be $22 for me), and there are only limited amounts of them.  If i can nab one i will. 

I'm also slightly concerned about the longevity of the company.  The Redpawpaw facebook page has disappeared, which never bodes well.  The company has a new box, Spiced Fig (which is at a much higher price point than RPP), and since it came on to the market, the RPP box seems to have suffered.

Customer service is still on the ball, though.  I had a double payment taken, i emailed CS late on the Friday of the long weekend, had a reply on the Monday (public holiday), and the money was back in my account by Wednesday!
 My box was heavy!  And as you can see, fair full.
 Rice Bubbles Multigrain Shapes-$4.99-full size  These were breakfast for at least 1 child this morning.  They're yummy!
Ritz Paprika-$2.00-full size  These are a new flavour on the market.  2 packets too
Dolmio-$2.49-full size  Hubby started drooling when he saw this.  Another new item on the market
 Sunrice-$5.00-full size  I was part of the original trial team for this!  They're really yummy
Belvita-$4.00-full size  These will always get eaten in this household
 Sipahh straws-$2.13-full size (kind of)  This size pack is sold in supermarkets, but were also sent out as a free sample from Sipahh.  The kids love them, though, so another pack will get used
Lipton Caramel Chai Latte-90c-sample size Yum!
Uncle Toby's Quick Oats-$1.37-sample size  The older kids have been loving these sachets for breakfast, they can make them themselves. 
Air Wick Silhouettes-$9.99-full size  This is probably the only thing i'm slightly iffy over.  They aren't on the coles or the woolies website (i took the price from a review i found), and i saw some on a woolies clearance trolley yesterday.  So they may not be available any longer.  But they are very pretty, and are making the area near my front door smell lovely.

Total=$48.86 As per usual the majority of my prices are taken from Woolworths online shopping

I'm slightly divided over this box.  The value is there, but almost half of it is taken by a product that no longer seems available.  There are some brand new products, though, which makes up for it.

I plan on trying to secure another subscription, the value is still in it for me at the moment.  So we'll see.

Are you still a RPP subscriber?  Do you plan on continuing?


  1. I gave up on them in July/August of 2014, and everything I have seen since convinced me that was the right decision to make.

    At that time I cancelled, they owed me 11 boxes, and from all reports I would not have seen those boxes anytime soon, the box dropped back from monthly to quarterly and now apparently all $5 subscriptions have been cancelled - did those people receive the money back for the boxes they did not receive?. I wonder what happened to all the people who were owed boxes?

    I think the FB page is gone because so many people were using it to complain about incorrect payments, double payments taken, the lack of boxes, and other issues. They have not been enjoying their feedback for a long time - and rather than try to fix it, they just removed the ways for people to give feedback, first taking away the ability for people to post to the page, continually deleting comments, and now vanishing the page all together. Overall, this does not seem optimal. I'm going to guess that the disappearance of the FB page will soon be followed by the disappearance of the company.

    I do agree with you that their new box seems to be more exciting to them and seems to be what they are focusing on. I'm guessing they did their research with that one and can actually make some money on it.

    From the beginning their business model has been flawed and they never thought things through - they were thinking companies would be willing to provide samples regularly *and* subsidize the box.

    All around, it has been an epic fail and a pretty big disappointment. :(

  2. I have decided to stick with them for now (have been with since the 1st box) however like you say I feel they may not last much longer.

    I re-signed up under the $10 + postage ($7.50 for me) subscription with a new account as wasn't going to get a box under the old $5 one. Glad to see you got your box as I was starting to doubt if I'd see a June 2015 one in the end. The removal of the FB page has meant information is hard to come by now although it's good to hear they are still responding to emails quickly.

    It was too good to be true I guess with the initial cost - all that's involved in packing each box plus then the postage costs. It's a shame as I'd like to subscribe to more of these but those offered to the Australian market seem very few in number. The spiced fig one is more than I'm looking to pay though although I did consider it at one stage.

    Lets see if we get a Sept 2015 box or there might be an email before that to say Red Paw Paw is no more...