Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Girl's Night Out-Alice Through The Looking Glass

Evening Lovelies!!

A few weeks ago my mum and i headed out to the Girl's Night Out screening of Alice Through The Looking Glass.  If you don't know what Girl's Night Out is, it's an advance screening of a movie held by Hoyts and Marie Claire.  For $30 you get to see a movie (and oh, the recliners at hoyts!  Divine!!), plus you get a goodie bag containing the latest issue of Marie Claire, and a girl's night out Parcel.  I thought i'd show you exactly what our Parcels contained.
This was the bag awaiting each of us on our seats!
 As you can see it's a normal Parcel box, with a Girl's Night Out slip cover.

The contents.
Designer Brands Cosmetics Soothing Lavender-soap and body lotion, plus loofah and eye mask

None of this can be purchased as a stand alone product, but DB have it all in a pack for $12.49 (with a body wash).  This smells lovely, and is all usable.
Designer Brands Dry Shampoo-Brunette-$7.99  

OMG, i love this.  It smells heavenly (it has essential oils in it), plus it does a good job, and it isn't visible in my hair!!

Neutrogena Make-up wipes-sample pack

These will be used, and i haven't tried them before

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser-sample size

Perfect for travelling

L'Occitane Rose Handcream-30ml-$14

I LOVE L'Occitane handcreams.  And being winter this is perfect.

Designer Brands Whipped Mineral Eyeshadow-$8.99

Mine's in Ivory, and Mum's was Mushroom (she handed hers on as she won't use it).  They're highly pigmented, are smooth and silky, and are easily blended. 

Designer Brands LashFood Growth Serum-$19.99

Wow!  This is supposed to help thicken your eyelashes, and help them grow.
Eyeshadow swatch
So, not only did we get to see an awesome movie (i adored it!  I'm not a movie person, but it held my interest from start to finish), but we got a box each worth $51 in full sizes alone!  Plus a copy of Marie Claire!

If you live near a Hoyts that hosts Girl's Nights out, treat yourself sometime and go to one.  It was a great experience, and one i'd happily do again.

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