Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Redpawpaw sept/oct 2016

Morning lovelies!

After taking a fairly late payment last week, my redpawpaw box arrived on my doorstep this morning.  I was excited to get this box, the sneak peek was of Kettle popcorn, i love Kettle chips and I'm a big fan of popcorn, so i couldn't wait to try it.
It was a really full box, with just enough room for a couple of air filled bags so nothing moved.  I'll say now, though, please excuse the photography.  I'm still stuck using my tablet as both camera and to post (only because i don't know of a way to get photos from my camera to my tablet), and for some reason it randomly turns photos around.
Kettle popcorn in butter and honey and salted caramel-?-full size

These look like they're brand new to the market, there is nothing about them online, so no price.  But if we go by the price of Kettle chips they'll be around the $4 mark per packet (tyrells do both chips and popcorn, and they're usually on par price wise).  These are big bags (110g, but they feel pretty full), and the flavours are different to other products on the market (normally you get butter, salted and sweet and salty, unless you get caramel corn).  I'm most interested in trying the butter and honey.
Weetbix go apple cinnamon twist-$4.49-full size

We received some of these last box, but these are a different flavour.  These types of breakfast biscuits are a staple in redpawpaw boxes, which is something to consider if you're thinking of subscribing.  I don't mind, my youngest and i have a couple of early starts during school terms, so with a piece of fruit and a packet of these we have an easy, on the run breakfast.
V8 breakfast fusion juice-sample size

I thought you could buy this size, but i can't find it online.  There were 2 of these exact product in the last box, i thoroughly enjoyed them then, and I'll enjoy this one too.

Yorkshire tea-sample size

I'm a tea drinker, but i haven't tried this brand before.  This will be put to good use.

H2coco chocolate coconut water-$2.85-full size

I haven't had much success with coconut water, I'm not a fan of the taste.  I'll give this a go, though, maybe the chocolate will improve the flavour.
Mission tortilla chips-sample size

They'll get eaten, i plan by me!  Now to hide them from the kids

Table of plenty dark chocolate mini rice cakes-sample size

Another thing i plan on secreting away.......  I've tried the aldi version, and enjoyed them, so happy to try these.

Oreo tiramisu thins-$2.38-full size

Omnomnomnomnom!  My whole family enjoys oreos, but i might keep these for the husbeast and i.
Bref toilet cleaner-$4.99-full size

This has gone straight in my toilet.  Master T is toilet training, so I'm hoping this will help keep the toilet smelling better and a bit cleaner.  Although he freaked when he first saw it.

Chux robust cleaning cloths-$3.99-full size

What household couldn't use these?  They'll get used somewhere down the track
Azalea cuisine asian cooking oil-$5.50-full size

A blend of olive, sunflower, peanut and sesame oils, with garlic, ginger, onion and chive.  Sounds interesting!  Husbeast likes using sesame oil in things, so he'll use this.

Marie Claire magazine-$8.50

OMG someone listened after last box.  Nothing against womens health, but it wasn't a mag that interested me.  But i really like marie claire!

Total=$45.19, using $4 as the price of the popcorn and not taking in to account the samples.

All in all i really like the box.  I know i say it about every redpawpaw box, but as a family we'll use everything in the box, plus there are some brand new products to try.

Hopefully things continue this way for redpawpaw!

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