Monday, November 28, 2016

Redpawpaw November 2016

Good morning lovelies!

How have you all been?  We are so flat out here, we're in to week 8 of school, which means there's only 14 days of school left after today.  And, and, the husbeast is discharging from the defence force, and we have 2 months until that happens, which means we have to move!  And christmas is coming!  My god it's busy!

Anyways, my latest redpawpaw box arrived this morning.  It was sent Thursday, so it made pretty good time.  And it is heavy!  The big kids were still here when it rocked up, and they were so excited.  Redpawpaw time is their favourite.
Oreo thins-$2.40-full size

I keep eyeing these off in the shops, as i love all things lemon.  Happy to have 2 boxes.

Tasti Smooshed wholefoods balls-?

From what i can tell these are pretty new.  They're in orange zinger, and they only have 5 ingredients.  2 serves per bag, 3 balls per serve.  Can't wait to try these.

Carmen's gourmet protein bar-sample size

Love Carmen's, this sounds delicious.  And it's all mine!
Belvita yoghurt breakfast biscuits-$4.50-full size

Every time i see these in the shops, i eye them off.  So happy to give them a go.

Corn thins organic sesame-$2-full size

A staple in this house.  I think when I'm finished here I'll crack them open
Hart and soul hot korean soup-$1.99 - full size

I love these.  They're all natural, taste yummy, and are pretty low fat.

Bertolli robusto olive oil-$6.99-full size

We use olive oil all the time!  Although i think this will end up in salad dressings.
H2coco pineapple coconut water-$2.85-full size

I haven't like the plain coconut waters I've tried, but I'll give this a go.

Madame flavour lime, lemongrass and ginger tisane-sample size

Love madame flavour, haven't tried this flavour.

Dilmah green tea-$3.69-full size

Not a fan, but we'll see
Samples!  Glad scented bags, magic erasers, colgate toothpaste, palmolive body wash.  All will get used.
Marie Claire-$8.50


Cadbury coco chocolate-$4-full size



So, without samples, the box is worth double what i paid.  And there are products I've wanted to try, and some i didn't know about but sound yummy.

I'm really happy with the box, i would have loved it if they'd made it a bit christmas-y, but i can't complain.

Hope everyone is ok, and not running around like we are.

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