Monday, December 8, 2014

Violet Box November 2014

Morning lovelies!

November's VB is finally in my hands!  They had a delay on a product rocking up, so shipping was delayed.  However they kept us in the loop, and it's here.
Plus a sneak peek for next month
For some reason i have been sent 2 boxes, and am waiting on VB to get back to me about it (i mean, i'll happily accept a second box, and pass on what i don't want, but from the sounds of it i'm not the only one who has received a spare box/free box, but i'm the only one to post anything about it on their wall so far.  If it happens to you please let VB know, they aren't rightfully ours, and VB are the best monthly on the aussie market.  Be honest, and hopefully VB will stick around for a while yet).
Bloom Boost Lip Balm Stick-$6.95-full size

These are in popular Boost juice flavours, and what would you know, Watermelon Crushes are one of my very favourites (It comes a very close second to Lemon Crushes)!  Yay!!  These are lovely on, they feel very buttery and smell delicious.  They contain beeswax, jojoba seed oil and vit e (amongst other things) and are free of nasties.  Plus they're huge and will last quite a while.
'Tini Beauty Eyetine Eye Cordial Eyeshadow+Base ($23) and Swizzle Stick Eyeliner ($23)-full size

My eyeshadow is in Ambrosia and eyeliner in Cognac.  Both apply very smoothly, the eyeshadow especially.  The Ambrosia is a gorgeous purply colour, Cognac is a bronze.  Neither are smudge proof, the eyeliner smudges extremely easily, while the shadow partially stays put (gives you some blending room, i suppose).  Neither live up to the companies claims on my hand, though, so i would be very surprised if they do on my eyes.  Still, they are both very pretty, and will be used.
Colour by TBN Magnetic Nail Polish-$7.99-full size

Mine's a nice silver (not that the photo shows that, sorry).  I thought this trend was over, though?  The nail polish stinks, it really does.  But it has great coverage and is easy to use. 
Clarisea Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant-$18-sample? size

I think this is a sample, however it is quite big for a sample, and will last ages.  This is a powder you add water to, and is supposed to help detox your skin, draw out oil and impurities, whilst helping to kill of acne causing bacteria.  I can't wait to try this!
Z'kin organics sample set

Cleansing gel, Lotion and Serum samples.  They sound interesting, but feel like they only contain enough for 1 use each.   I really don't egt what companies think samples like this do, they only thing it's going to tell me is whether i have a reaction to the products or not, is isn't enough for anything else, and they aren't the cheapest products around.
Ambrosia and Cognac
All in all it was a good box, plenty of new brands and some really nice products.  Bring on the Dec box!

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