Sunday, November 30, 2014

OXX makeup

morning lovelies!

New brand alert!  Has anyone else noticed that Kmart has updated their cosmetics area again?  There are new brands around.

I discovered the brand OXX in 1 of my local Kmart's a month (or so) ago.  They have a range of face, eye, lip and nail products.  Best of all they retail for $2 a piece.
So far i have picked up a nail polish, lipstick, lip crayon and a blush stick.
The nail polishes come in 3 ranges, pastel, glitter and metallic (i think).  This is a really pretty colour, but it is quite thin and peels quickly.  There are a lot of cheap brands with better durability and colour payoff, but there are some fun colours that would be good to play around with.
This is the Blush stick in Pink (by memory there is a peach, tan and maybe an apricot?).  It isn't the best when it comes to colour payoff, but makes a great base for other light blushes.  It goes on nice and smoothly and blends beautifully.
Finally the 2 awesome products i've found.  The lipstick (sorry about the state of it, Master T decided it was awesome face paint) and the lip crayon (one very annoying thing about the brand is there are no colour names on the packaging.  It is on the cardboard it comes in, but once that's gone you have no idea what colour you have).

The lipstick is one of the most moisturising, creamy lipsticks i've found.  It has an amazing colour payoff, it is smooth and silky and leaves a stain on your lips so you are never without colour.

The lip crayon is much the same as the lipstick, not quite so moisturising, but gives off amazing amounts of colour.  It does wear a bit uneven, but for the price is an amazing product.
Blush, lipstick, lip crayon
Look, the packaging is on the cheap side, however it stays on and doesn't seem to break easily.  There is no real scent to any of the products (bar the nail polish).  It can be annoying looking through the products, you can't try before you buy and i hate not knowing what colours i have.  But at $2 a piece you can't go wrong, and the lip products rival products that cost a hell of a lot more.

Has anyone else tried OXX?  What do you think?


  1. Hi Olivia ,

    I tried their nail paints.. they are good..

    Does this eye crayon roll up for getting more product or are these the ones we need to sharpen manually

    1. Hi!

      I haven't tried the eye crayons, but the lip crayons need to be sharpened. I'd assume that the products are all similar in that.