Thursday, January 15, 2015

Memebox Beauty 911

Morning all!

I'm so sorry about the lack of posts, I got a new camera for christmas, but it takes a microSD card, and finding an adapter has taken forever.  But i have 1 finally!

Memebox has been a bit quiet lately, they re-released a tonne of boxes in Dec, and i ordered one!  It's so much easier ordering boxes that have been restocked, you can hunt around for reviews and choose one that suits you.
This is the Memebox Special #58 Beauty 911, which contains 6 full sized products. 

1. Yadah Anti-T spot cream-$15
This helps with red spots, blemishes, tightens pores etc.  It has cactus (???), green tea, rosemary, aloe vera and sage, and is free of a lot of nasties.  I haven't tried this out yet, in the 2 weeks i've had the box i haven't needed it, so i can't tell you much else, although all the reviews i've read are postive.

2. Neogen Miracle Lighting eye Lifter-$30
So far from my use of this i haven't noticed any difference, although if i used it regularly it might make a difference.  This is a rollerball that addresses all aging eye care concerns (i must admit the 1 place i'm starting to notice changes is around my eyes).  I'll be happy if it deals with the dark circles that come with a restless sleeper (must use this more!).

3. Mise En Scene Perfect Repair-$16
This has argan, camellia, olive, jojoba, coconut, apricot and marula oils to give your hair a well nourished finish.  I like the finish it gives, it's non-greasy and makes my hair look lovely.  However i haven't found it to be all that moisturising, so if you're looking for extra moisture you're going to need a separate product.

4. Vella blind Sun Stick Protector SPF50+-$18

This is supposed to make your skin soft and matte, which makes it the perfect facial sunscreen.  I'm not out in the sun that much (i burn too easily), but there are times when i'm out with the kids and this will come in handy then.

5. Shara Shara Bee Tox Toner-$19
This was the main reason i ordered this box, i was almost completely out of toner.  This helps control oil and clear blemishes.  It's lovely to use, smells nice and doesn't react with my skin (i was slightly concerned with it having bee venom extracts), plus it's a massive bottle so will last a while.

6. Cheek Room Lip Balm-$12
I don't get the hate for Cheek Room, i've quite liked the products i've tried.  This is a basic lip balm, it's slightly sticky, but is very moisturising and smells yummy.  It has olive oil, shea butter and jojoba oil to help moisturise dry lips.

All up the box is worth $110 USD, and i think i paid around $25 USD (i had some points and a code), and i'll use everything in the box.

Have you received a Memebox lately?  And how was your Christmas?

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