Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Essence Wave Goddess

The other Trend Edition i was talking about, Wave Goddess, available at Target.  Again, beach themed, and i'm loving it.
As you can see I've bought a large amount of the collection.  It is all just so pretty, and colours/products that don't come up regularly.
2in1 eyeliners in 01 Life is better when you surf and 02 Have a break, or two.

These are double ended, both thick and thin.  01 is a lovely royal-ish blue, 02 is a lighter blue (but is powdery-looking).  01 won't budge no matter what you do (it stains).
Nail Polishes in 01 Loose your heart on the board and 02 Wave down the lime

These come with little rings (the bands around the lids, they fit Miss A's thumbs perfectly).  01 is a hot pink creme, 02 has a silver shimmer through it.
Tinted Lip Balm in 01 Loose your heart in the board

This is nicely tinted and smells like blackberries (like most of Essence's lip products).
Soft Touch Eyeshadows in 01 Have a break, 02 Crush on blue and 03 Stand up and paddle!

I saved the best til last.  Essence's soft touch eyeshadows are amazing, unfortunately there are none in the normal range, so when they come out as part of a Trend Edition you grab what you can.  01 is a pretty sky blue, 02 a royal blue and 03 a pale powder blue that looks silver.  They are beautiful, they go on like a dream, and are all sparkly.
eyeshadows 02, 01, 03; eyeliners 02, 01; tinted lip balm
Grab it whilst you can!

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