Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Redpawpaw Spring 2015

Afternoon Lovelies!

Well it's that time of the year again, it's Redpawpaw time!

This is the first of the increased price boxes, RPP is now costing me $22 quarterly. 

It's a really light box this season, although i was surprised by the amount in it (it was extremely light compared to last month).
Poptopia Crispy Baked Popcorn-$3.79-full size  OMG yum!  I love popcorn, and i can't wait to try this
Ritz Spiced Paprika Snackz-$2 (x2)-full size  Ho hum.  I received 2 of these in my last RPP box.
Koala Karma-?-full size  Now this is why i like RPP.  Koala Karma is a new product, only available in various health food stores (there are 2 in canberra).  It's an 'Anti Energy Drink', a relaxation drink, created by 2 mums.  They have an initial run of 80,000 cans.  I might review this further, all on it's own :)
H2Coco-$2.90-full size  2 drinks!  I've never really liked coconut water, might have to give it another go
Well & Good Cake in a Mug-?-full size?  Another brand new product.  It's gluten and nut free, and it's done in a minute.
Naturally Nood Bar-$2.49 (x3)-full size   This really is a snack box this season.  3 bars in Banana Bread, Cashew Crush and Cheeky Cocoa. 
Nutella-50c (30g)-sample size   OMG look at the teeny tiny jar of Nutella!
Natralus Paw Paw Cream-?-sample size.  Very fitting RPP has Paw Paw cream in it.  I'm not going to bother calculating the cost of such a small sample
Finish power ball-$5.16 (6 tabs)-sample size  We've had Finish products in our boxes before, but more is always welcome
Chux Magic Eraser-$3.22 (6 erasers)-sample size  We go through these like no tomorrow, so we'll happily use these
Headgear Matte Shaper-$8.99 (from chemist warehouse)-full size  This will go in hubby's bathroom, and get used eventually

Total=$36.03 (plus 3 full sized products that can't be priced)

At first place i was not expecting the total value to be what it is.  The box looked and felt empty, but instead of disappointed i'm over the moon.  Everything will get used, plus there are some great new discoveries.

Does anyone else still subscribe?  If so, what do you think?

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