Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lust Have It September 2015

Evening Lovelies!

Talk about a late box!  It's the 15/10 (on a side note, Hubby and i have been together 12.5 years today!), and the Sept LHI bag has just rocked up.  I expected it before we went away, then swore it would rock up whilst we were gone, it's here and we've been home 4 days! 

But it's here!  (I know i said that i wasn't going to resubscribe, but i missed the cut off to cancel in August, and somehow i've missed the cut off in Sept.  Oops!).

Black bag this month.  I love these bags, they're perfect for carrying little crochet projects around.

Certainly is a packed bag, 7 items!
White Glo Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste-RRP $5.49-sample size

This is one of the few toothpastes i can stomach, so a sample never goes astray. 
Designer Brands Twist and Go Nail Polish Remover-RRP $4.99-full size

I had nail polish on, i took it off with this.  OMG, so quick, and it was glitter!  It does spill easily, though, so be careful with the angle you use it on.  But this is going straight on the rebuy list.  It has Royal Jelly, Vit C and E, Aloe Vera and Green Tea to help keep your nails healthy.  Supposed smells like berry, can say it does not (the things i do for you, i can assure you you should not stick your nose in this.  It stinks).  Honestly, don't care.  It works a treat.
Kerastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte and Resistance Masque Force Architecte-RRP $42 and $62-sample size

These are meant to repair and rejuvenate dry and damaged hair.  That is all the card says.  The masque smells delicious, though, but i think you'd be lucky to get 2 uses out of these.
Ofra Lip Liner-RRP $19.50-full size

This is the offender that made the bags so late!  It's a water resistant pencil (it does rub off, though), made with synthetic beeswax.  I honestly don't get this, it might work in America going in to autumn, but we're in spring.  I can't see myself using this (in the colour wine) much until next autumn, unless i layer it under a lighter colour.  Will have to have a play.
UB Cosmetics Tint Stick-RRP $23-full size

This is a felt tip pen looking thing, i could hand it to a kid and that's what they'd think it was.  It's a lip tint, a very expensive lip tint.  It is transfer proof (yet to test that claim), has b5 for hydration (?) and aloe vera to soothe (??).  If you've ever used a Korean lip tint, you'll know what this is like.  And you can pick up basic ones for under $2 (i did a review earlier in the year).  I like the pen applicator, but otherwise it's the same as the others.  No moisturisation, it definitely needs a balm over the top to make it comfortable for day long wear.  But i love the colour!
Bonus-Your Tea Skin Magic Tea-RRP $35 USD-sample size

There were supposed to be 6 of these, there's only 1.  Helps nourish and rejuvenate your skin.  This reminds me of the old LHI, where they'd include different products that were still beauty related.
Lip tint swatch and lip liner swatch
Lip tint on
It isn't the best box ever, but nor is it the worst.  Plus i found a new favourite product.

What's going on in your beauty world?  Anything new i need to know about?


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