Monday, January 4, 2016

Lust Have It December 2015

Afternoon lovelies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Lust Have It had some issues getting their box out last month, a train caught fire (i think) in WA and a product got stuck over there in the process.  But they did start to send before the end of the month, mine just seemed to sit in stasis for a couple of days.
I must admit, i wasn't overly looking forward to my bag.  I saw a couple of pictures on Facebook, and it really didn't come across wonderfully.  Now i have it, though, it's not too bad.
Anyone notice a problem here?  Anyone?  1 product is missing from my bag :(  I've filled out a missing product form, just waiting for a response.
Naobay Moisturising Peeling Brightening Facial Milk Scrub-$27-full size

What a mouthful!  We received a Naobay moisturiser in a Violet Box, so i was excited to try this.  It has Acai tree particles to gently exfoliate skin, olive oil, shea butter and almond oil to help moisturise, and gotu kola extract to help soothe skin.  My skin is terribly dry at the moment, so i can't wait to try this.  And it smells amazing!
Be A Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad-$22-full size

This was one of those things i really wasn't impressed with getting.  These were in a Violet Box once upon a time, and seeing as it's no longer in my stash anywhere i mustn't have thought much of it.  However, i really like the colours (the card states that we'll either get London or Shanghai, mine's Sydney?  No idea if there is much of a variation otherwise), there's a silvery green, a reddish bronze (both shimmery), then a matte brown and a matte ivory.  Some of the colours have a fairly good colour payoff, some aren't great (which i'm wondering if a wet brush could help).  But i think i'll have a play with this.
Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil-$24.50-full size

This, again, is a product that moonlighted in Violet Box.  However i love it!  And now i have a spare.  It's a matte ivory pencil, that can be used around the eyes or as a brow highlight.  It's a versatile colour, it goes on smoothly and doesn't tug at all.  I'm not opening it yet, though. 
Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals Micellar Mini Wipes-$2.25-sample size?

Meh!  I hardly ever use wipes like this.  Although i was looking for some the other day, so i'll stash these for the next time such an occasion arises.

Finally there was supposed to be a Sasy n Savy Hand Cream ($15-$20, full size).  Mine wasn't in my bag, and i'm not going to comment on something i haven't received, but god i hope i don't receive Jasmine.  I can't stand jasmine scents.

So not 1 new brand.  Essenzza, Sasy n Savy (which have been in LHI almost as long as LHI have been around) and Be a Bombshell have all been in previous LHI boxes, with Naobay and Chella in Violet Box (which, of course, closed, and now a lot of ex subscribers have moved to LHI).  In that respect i find it disappointing, i love buying these sorts of subscriptions to discover new brands and products, the Dec box didn't deliver.

It was well worth the money spent, and i'll use everything, it's just not awe inspiring.

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