Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lust Have It January 2016

Afternoon Lovelies!

I must apologise for the late review, i've been sick (just a nasty cold, but it's been fairly bad).  I've actually had my LHI bag since Monday last week (1/2), and i'm just sitting down to write this now.

Another apology for the terrible photos, it was a horrible, overcast day.
As you can just make out, one of the Skinyoga boxes had broken open.  Gorgeous packaging, but it's probably better posted in a box.
First and foremost i have my Sasy n Savy handcream that was missing from the December box.  And it's in Cherry Blossom!  Lovely handcream, absorbs really quickly, didn't leave any sort of residue, and smells beautiful.
Unani Micellar Water-$22.50-full size

This was the sneak peek.  It almost sounds like a toner, rather than a micellar water.  I don't tend to use much micellar water (i have 2 full sized Swisse ones here, unopened), but i'm interested if it's like a toner.
Hikari Blush-$21-full size 

I got the colour Sunkissed, described as a Warm peach with shimmer.  Warm Peach?  To me it's a sandy champagne-y colour, and isn't really a blush, it's more of a light bronzer or a highlighter.  But it's great for adding a bit of all over warmth to my face.  It's a lovely product, and i love the fact i didn't get something i already have 5-6 of (i may or may not own a few blushes, a lot the same kinds of colour).

Hikari Lip Crayon-$18-full sized

Mine's in Amour, a lovely blue based red.  I've seen 2 other colourways, and i prefer the one i got.  When swatched it feels really nice, and goes on smoothly.
SkinYoga Almond Orange Face Scrub and Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask-$24-deluxe sample

These are in really cute glass bottles, both are dry powders you mix with water.  Seems slightly silly to put them in bottles, for a couple of reasons.  If the contents happen to get a bit of steam or water they could prove to be impossible to get out, and glass in a bathroom?  In something you handle with wet hands?  Seems a bit silly.  Haven't tried them yet, so can't tell you much else, but they don't have a scent when dry.  I was expecting they would.
Hikari Pencil and Blush
All in all i'm really happy with my bag.  I'll use everything, eventually, and i love the colours.

Since it's been so long since i blogged, tell me what i've missed?  What do i need to know about?

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