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Redpawpaw-Autumn 2016

Afternoon Lovelies!

Well, this review has been a long time coming.  Redpawpaw was due in March, i emailed them mid march after not hearing anything (i honestly wouldn't have been surprised if i hadn't received an answer), only to be told to expect a box in April.  April rocked around, and still nothing, then finally i received this email:

We have some exciting news!
Redpawpaw has new owners and will now partner with market leading magazine brands New Idea and that’s life! to deliver your Redpawpaw box even more often.
What does this mean for me?
  • There will be no change to the concept; you will still receive a selection of top brand grocery products delivered to your door.
  • We will transfer your contact details and delivery details to the new owners, Pacific Magazines Pty Limited, to fulfil your subscription, and Pacific Magazines Pty Limited will handle your personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

Will the price remain the same?
  • The new owners have agreed to retain the current subscription price for existing Quarterly subscribers for as long as you remain a subscriber.
  • The price for NEW subscribers is now $20 including free delivery per box.
  • However, if you currently pay $10 + delivery and your delivery fee is less than $10, your subscription price will not change - you will continue to pay less than $20.
  • If you currently pay $10 + delivery and your delivery fee is $10 or higher, you will only be charged $20 including free delivery from the Autumn box onwards, which means from now on you will pay less than you did for any previous boxes.
When is the next box coming?
  • Thank you for your patience while we have been finalising the change of ownership for Redpawpaw. We apologise for the delay this has caused to the delivery of the Autumn box.
  • The Autumn box will be delivered in May.
  • The new owners intend to send the Redpawpaw box to you more often than before so stay tuned for more announcements. 
The current team at Redpawpaw would like to thank you for your loyalty and support over the last 2 years. We have really appreciated your enthusiasm for trying products and your valuable feedback along the way.

We are excited to pass on the reigns to the new owners, as we know they will work hard to bring lots of new benefits to you as a subscriber over the coming months.

Wishing you and your family all the best.

Happy discovering!

The team at Redpawpaw

So, yet another change for Redpawpaw!  Anyways, i paid end of April/early May (and yes, my box price has dropped!), and then on Thursday 12/5, my box was delivered.
 The box has changed slightly (from white on red to red on white), otherwise is exactly the same.  It came packed better, though, with those air pocket thingys to prevent items moving around.
 Peckish Rice Snackers-$2.20-full size  These are a repeat product, but i love them.  Happy to see them again
Ocean Spray Craisins-75c-sample size
Waterthins Mocha Twists-$3.99-full size  These appear to be a new product on the market
Darrell Lea Rocklea Road-$4.39-full size  Omnomnomnomnom!!
Nature Valley Popcorn bar-$1.06-sample size
 Sipahh Straws-$2.19-sample full size  Again, a repeat, but my kids love them so they always come in handy (you can buy this identical pack in woolies, but it's a sampler pack)
Melitta Italian Gourmet-$5.81-full size
 Uncle Toby's Oat Crisp Coconut and Raspberry-92c-sample size  I've tried this before thanks to PinchMe, and enjoyed it.  Happy to have more
Table of Plenty Berry Basket-88c-sample size
 Finish Power and Pure-$3.88-sample size
Organic Care Vanilla and Ylang Ylang body wash-$2.41-sample size  This is actually a third of the full size.  Brilliant sample size!
Natralus Paw Paw Pure Gel-????-sample size
 Well and Good Sponge Swiss Roll Mix-$5.38-full size
Women's Health Magazine-$7.50 After being taken over by a magazine company, it didn't surprise me to find a magazine.  What did surprise me is the fact it's the current issue!


Look, there are a few repeats, and those repeats do feel like leftovers that have been thrown in (i'm looking at you Finish tablets), but generally i like what i see.  The box is still worth what was promised in the beginning (and is double what i paid), whilst the brands are mainly all brands we've seen before, they're new products; and there are some fairly new products to the market.

I'm willing to continue with my subscription based on this box, and i kinda can't wait to see what else they bring to the table.

Is anyone else still with Redpawpaw?  Or am i the only one left?  And if so, what do you think of everything?

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  1. I have been tossing up as to whether to sign up . I used to be a customer until way back when they changed to the $10 plus $14.50 postage for me but now that they are associated with The Parcel (which I get as well as the Ageless Parcel) I think after your review I might just sign up again.I do remember receiving those Finish tablets when I 1st got my subscription LOL