Monday, February 24, 2014

Lust Have It Feb 2014

 It never rains, it pours!  Today my LHI box rocked up along with my Violet box, and a couple of nail goodies i bought off Ebay!  What a way to liven up a boring Monday (expecially after the night i had, my youngest decided to scream blue murder for an hour overnight, and nothing i did would settle him).

LHI have picked up their game a bit this month (after last month's shocker), 3 new brands, 1 repeat brand (which i think are new products from them), and 1 brand i'm not 100% positive about (vaseline?  but it's neither here nor there).  There was also a Beauty Dip, where 1000 members received a deluxe sample of a So...? perfume (i'm not quite sure what to think of this, on one hand i don't mind So...? perfumes, on the other they were what i wore as a teen, and they seem a very young brand.  Plus i prefer everyone gets the same, make it a giveaway if you have these products so the boxes stay the same).

There was no 'box' this month (which i know some people had last month).  It seems we're going to be getting another change in packaging (again!  4 different ones in just under 2 years) so something 'useful', so the items came in a black mailer with paper to protect the products.  Again, neither here nor there, however with all the changes it makes me wonder why the money spent on different packaging isn't going in to the products within the box, i don't know about anyone else but i really couldn't give 2 hoots on the packaging.

Anyway, on to the box itself.

Please excuse this, i forgot to put one product in the 'group' shot

Hand Spa Bijoux - hand wipe - sample size? - 1 wipe - RRP $1.50 (per wipe)

This looks like a moisturising hand wipe?  An anti-aging hand wipe!  and it's japanese (i love Asian cosmetics).  I'm excited LHI are exploring different avenues for the products they send out, as there are just so many more then those sold on aussie shelves, however it's an anti-aging hand wipe (a-i'm 28, i might dabble in anti-aging skincare,but my hand really aren't showing any 'aging', and b-i have one hand that is eczema prone, and i tend to be careful what goes on it).  I'll probably end up sending it up to my mum.

The Cosmetic Kitchen Brush - RRP $22.50

I'm always excited to get brushes in my boxes, and this one feels gorgeous, however it came out of it's packaging in 2 pieces.  LHI are usually really good at replacing anything broken, so i've let them know about the problem and i'm waiting on a response.  My first impressions are good ones, though,  it looks and feels wonderful.

(UPDATE : as i was writing this i had a reply to my picture on facebook, asking me to email them a photo so a replacement can be arranged)

(UPDATE #2 : email sent and has been replied to!  a replacement is being sent- YAY!!  one thing i've found with LHI is their customer service is almost always on the ball, and they do what they can to help their customers)

The Cosmetic Kitchen Eyeshadow - Full Sized - RRP $22.50

Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!  I got the colour Cherry, which is an absolutely gorgeous shimmery red (the photos really don't do it justice).  It isn't a colour i'd normally buy, but i subscribe to these type of boxes to try new products and, in some ways, to have my comfort zone challenged, and this is just so lovely that i can't wait to try it (i've also just spent hours looking at photos of Maiko and Geiko, and red is a prodominant colour in their makeup).

This is a mineral colour, and is talc free.

Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo - sample size (50ml) - RRP $13.95 (250ml)

 Clairol is this months main return brand, there was a mask in a box from a couple of months ago (and there may have been a shampoo/conditioner too.  This may be a repeat product, but it is new to me).  My hair is dyed, in a 'cherry chocolate' (i have naturally brown hair, and whilst i love red hair i hate the regrowth.  this colour means i can get away with the regrowth, as the red isn't an 'in your face' red, and it allows the brown to show through), and this is supposed to help with colour fade.  I'm happy to receive this, my hair seems to hate all shampoos atm (i can barely get away with 2 days between washes,  which normally is fine).  It's also a big enough sample that you can get several washes from it (unlike sachet samples).

Clairol Professional Expand Volume Mousse - sample size (42g) - RRP $19.50 (250ml)

 As above, clairol is a return brand, but i think this is a new product for us.  Neither my daughter nor i need any volume, my hair has a definite wave, and hers makes her look like cousin it (although cousin it's hair has more definition, my poor daughter looks like she has a birdsnest on her head most days).  I've found mousse invaluable on school photo days, though, to get her hair to stay in one place (she normally walks out with a halo around her face), and also for my eldest son on school 'crazy hair' days (last years was spiked with mousse and wax, and covered in glitter), so this will eventually get some use.

Vaseline Ultimate 10 Anti-Aging Body Lotion - Sample size (25ml) - RRP $16.29 (750ml)

 Holy Cr*p!!  just over $16 for a vaseline product?  does it contain gold leaf?  (oh, the card says it's available at chemist warehouse, that normally means it can be picked up a lot cheaper.  have i ever said how much i love chemist warehouse!).  Still, it's a body lotion!  The majority of the results stated would come from the regular use of any old moisturiser and drinking water, so Meh!!  This will probably end up in my car, for those times when i desperately need moisturiser and don't have any in my bag.

And finally, i was a beauty dip 'winner', so i also have a very cute little bottle of So...?  Kiss Me in my box. 

I used to wear this when my husband and i met (almost 11 years ago).  I had a few of the So...?  perfumes, they were favourites amongest my friends when we were teenagers.  As i said at the start, i'm not quite sure i know what to think of this beauty dip idea, i'd prefer a more even distribution of goodies (i'm not unhappy to have this, i still think it smells lovely, i'm just saying i'm not sure of the fairness surrounding them).

So, after my massive rant on the LHI wall after last month's box (still not sure i'm 100% happy with their answer, but actions speak louder than words), this box is certainly an improvement, with new brands and different products.  It's a win in my books, and hopefully continues in the coming months.

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