Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Red Carpet Kolour UPDATE

 (i apologise for any spelling/grammar mistakes, i just got up and i'm working on my morning coffee)

Soooo, i managed to decant the RCK in to a pot last night (with my 10 month old helping, always fun), so i thought i'd update here with my thoughts.

Firstly, the medium is not a bronzer, it's a pretty gold.  it looks gorgeous in the pot, and i imagine from the colour of the medium the dark must be a darker gold and the light a lighter one (although this one is fairly light).

However, whilst the colour is lovely, the smell instantly put me off.  It smells like a pub!!!  A really yeasty, beer-y smell.  Even my husband (who, when i commented on the smell didn't believe me) agrees.  Once applied it takes on a wine-y, yeasty smell.  I only applied it to half my hand, and the smell from that alone was getting to me.  A whole body application-eww!

Finally, the colour once on.  I really don't know how this would hide the imperfections it claims to, it's a really sheer product (so sheer i'm not attempting a swatch shot, my camera wouldn't pick anything up).  It looks lovely on, a really nice sheer gold sheen (reminds me of a golden version of body gloss), but unless the imperfections were minor, i don't think that this would do any sort of job disguising them.  If it were to you would end up looking like an oscar from the layers needed.

So, in small amounts as a highlighter, i think this product would be amazing (if you could stand the smell), but as a whole body thing, it isn't for me.

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