Monday, February 24, 2014

Violet Box Feb 2014

My second box to arrive today, Woohoo!!  Although this one almost gave me a heart attack, an email this morning told me it was on board with driver, followed by an email early this afternoon telling me it had been delivered, with no visible appearance from our parcel lady.  She had been very sneaky and had left both box at our front door without knocking!  (i do wonder if it was our normal lady, though, she's normally very thorough and wouldn't leave them without letting someone know, especially when the front door was open).

It's here, though!  I have developed a real affection for Violet box, this is my 6th box from them, and there has been 1 disappointing one in the lot (plus the boxes are all the same, or at least close to it, which means everyone has the same sort of month, good or bad).  VB is more expensive than other Aussie boxes ($22.95), but on a whole they are the best box on the market.  VB seem to bring more overseas brands to their box, and they tend to have more makeup items. 

Be A Bombshell Lip Crayon in Some Beach - full sized - RRP $19

I love this colour.  It is a colour i don't own, and it is just so pretty, plus it's a lip crayon (i adore lip crayons).  This crayon has an  awesome amount of pigment and it went on so smoothly.  I'm heading out for the day tomorrow, and plan on wearing this out, so will see how it goes then.

Be A Bombshell The One Stick in Girl Crush - full size - RRP $21.00

Be a bombshell isn't a new brand to VB, but these products are!  The One stick gets great reviews from overseas, and now we have it here!  Girl crush is a very pretty pale pink (as you can see it blends in well to my skin colour, it does show up more IRL but is still nice and subtle), it's made to be worn on eyelids, cheeks or lips, and is beautiful to apply.  I'm interested to give this a proper glow, have a play around and see how it works best for me.

Wotnots Facial Wipes - sample size (5 wipes) - RRP $7.95 (25 wipes)

Wotnot is a great brand, lots of organic, natural wipes (including some for the little people in our lives).  These rock up every so often in Aussie sample boxes, but they are great and i'm always happy to receive more.

Red Carpet Kolour - sample size - RRP $49.95

OK, so what i can gather on this is it's a body illuminator/bronzer.  The card says it isn't self tan (although i tried self tan for the first time last night, so far i'm happy with the results), which suggests to me it's a bronzer, but they call it an Illuminator.  Supposedly covers up imperfections (stretch marks, cellulite, age spots etc).  Mines in medium, i plan on decanting the 2 sachets in to a pot for ease of use, and we'll see how it goes.

Nuxe Créme Nirvanesque - sample size (15ml) - RRP $49.95 (50ml)

A face cream, which claims to smooth, de-stress and relax first expression lines (i've noticed i'm getting 'frown' lines on my forehead due to not wearing sunnies, this might be the answer!).  Honestly i'm not seeing anything to write home about, but it is nice to get something that is aimed at a younger age set, as this is targeted at first lines.

Aphelia Oasis Acne Solution- sample size (2ml) - RRP $49.00 (50ml)

A herbal acne solution, sounds interesting.  This has none of the traditional acne fighters (eg salicylic acid) but helps deliver rapid action whilst still being gentle.  I still get breakouts at almost 28 (i had the worst skin as a teen, my saviour was roaccutane.  whilst it did a great job i still tend to break out at times), so this product is again great for me and my skin.

All in all i love my box.  I'm perplexed by the Kolour (but am interested to try it), and love the fact the skin care products are aimed at that 'hard to treat' age group (i'm not read for full on anti aging yet, but i want slightly more specialised products than what i used in my teens and early 20's).  This box is the reason i buy boxes, different products, new brands, and interesting discoveries!


  1. Hey Olivia
    Great review
    I got everything same as yours except the lip crayon I got eye crayon instead
    Btw I'm Varinder visiting you from

  2. Hi Varinder! Thank you! The eye crayon you received is lovely :)