Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lust Have It Haul Part 2

So, I told you all about the first part of my LHI haul.  This is the second part.

I ordered, through LHI, 3 items from the Human Tested range.  LHI farms out the shipping of products to the suppliers if it isn't a LHI product, so my items came directly from Human Tested.  They arrived the day after my parcel from LHI, so around 9 days from ordering (although seeing as they had to have the order sent on from LHI, then pack and send it, i thought they did pretty well).  Everything arrived in a huge box, and there was a brown ' gift'  bag wrapped in bubble wrap inside that.  Really well packed, which is reassuring as i'd ordered things in glass bottles.

Rosehip Oil-$15:  This is a 30ml bottle.  It is a lovely rosehip oil, nice and light, and doesn't smell too heavy (i hate the kosmea RHO, i find it too heavily scented).  Plus it is a dropper bottle, so easy to regulate the amount dispensed.
Miss Chap Coconut lip balm-$9:  Strawberry and Vanilla.  I loved the one of these i received in a LHI box, and can't find it!  So happy to have another one.
Tattoo Salve-ation-$12:  I may or may not have plans for a new tattoo, so i grabbed this in preparation (seeing as i was making an order i thought i'd include it).  It's meant to help healing, and keep the new tatt moist.

Added bonus:
Syringe Cream-($25):  LHI stock the salve as a little slide tin instead of a syringe.  Because the original packaging was no longer available, a free syringe cream was included.  Syringe cream is for the later stages of tattoo healing, and is also great for sunburnt skin and skin that needs a little TLC.

Can i just say how much i LOVE this company!  Everything is natural, it works amazingly well, smells amazing AND is reasonably priced.  Plus the customer service is amazing!!

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Human Tested

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