Friday, August 15, 2014

Red Paw Paw August 2014

Afternoon all!

Redpawpaw are back in business after a month off, however that month hasn't been without problems.  First and foremost, they are now charging postage for boxes, and that postage depends on where you live.  It means more people can access the boxes, however it makes the box expensive.  I now pay $17 a month, compared to $5, so it was a big jump in cost.  Secondly it is now arriving via Aust Post, which is proving to be slightly problematic (you'll see why in a sec).  I'm not sure what to think about it all, I realise that $5 was extremely cheap to begin with, but also think there should be a standardised cost for everyone (so make it a flat $15, instead of charging each person something different).

This months came with an online subscription to Kare Kard, a $50-odd dollar value.  Unfortunately this subscription only works if you stay subscribed to RPP, so it isn't exactly as great as it was first made out to be (a 12 month sub should be a 12 month sub, without strings attached).

This is the problem i mentioned before.  This is how my box looked, it's torn and smooshed.  Some of the packets are slightly smooshed too, luckily the only thing that has been majorly damaged is a muesli bar, and it's only smooshed in the middle.  But a lot of boxes that i'm seeing online look like this.  No care was taken in the packing, the old boxes had divisions in them so you could separate the big things out, this was all just chucked in to the box.  There is a big bottle of drink in this box, no wonder light weight things came off second best.  It really isn't the best box to send in, and it should have been secured better (our parcel lady told us to take a photo of the damage, she wasn't impressed either).
The Little Brownie Company Triple Choc Fudge Brownies-$6.50 full size-this was the months sneak peak, and i can't wait to make them!
Saxa Sea Salt Flakes-$4.83 full size-these are a repeat item for me.  I love the first lot i got, though, so it will come in handy. 
Vita Weat Lunch Slice-$4.30 full size-The packet is slightly smooshed, but the product doesn't look affected.
Mug Shot Tomato and Herb-$1.51 full size-Hubby is interested in these, they'll make a great work snack. 
Chux Magic Eraser-$4.61 full size-These i love, perfect with little kids
Nescafe Azera Intense-$10.74 full size-The smooth was in the June box, so another repeat-ish product.  That said it will get used.
Nature Valley Crunchy Coconut Chip-99c sample size-This is smooshed, although i think it will still be edible (or i'll completely crush it down, and use it as a topping on ice cream). This is the only sample size product.
Saxa Blue Persian Salt-$5.90 full size-Yawn!  I got the smoked in the May box, so again a repeat product
Lipton Sparkling Iced Tea-$2.74 full size-we've tried this before, and weren't fans
Weight Watchers Jelly with Peaches-$3.75 full size-the kids are interested (at least 1 is)
Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Raspberry and Lemon-$2.69 full size-Something just for me!  I love sparkling waters, and flavoured stuff is even better.

Total (minus the kare kard)-$48.56.

So not too bad.  We'll use everything in the box.  It doesn't look as full as other boxes, but then again i was happy we will use everything.

I don't know, i think we'll stick around for a little longer, but only whilst it is worth it.

Oh, and meet Master P!  He's home sick again today (we've had a nasty bug go round this week), and was very excited to be here to help me open the box.  He wants the jelly and to make brownies.

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