Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lust Have It Store Haul, Part 1

Morning all!

As you may know, i've recently stopped subscribing to LHI's monthly boxes.  Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired atm, and their boxes aren't exactly at the top of their game.  But due to being a subscriber for over 2 years (plus my glossydots that were converted when LHI took over Glossybox) I had a number of points to use (664 i think i had).

Now, i'm not a fan of LHI's point system, no matter how many points you accumulate you can only take a certain percentage of points off each item, and you have to pay for the rest.  The only time you don't is if they are 100% points items, but they are few and far between.  I managed to use up all bar 1 point, and got over $90 worth for around $25, but i bought a couple of 100% points items.  This post discusses those items, the other brand i bought deserve it's own post, because the brand is completely awesome and deserve the accolades.

First thing i bought was a FAB box.  This is the Nov FAB, and is currently available for 100% points, or $35.  It contains $132 worth of products, so was worth grabbing.

Firstly, the jewellery side.

FAB accessories Aviator Sunglasses ($19.95), XO Necklace ($12.95) and Statement Cuff ($24.95).  They are all nice and sturdy, don't look overly cheap (which is something they could pay attention to, the last few FAB boxes have had cheap and nasty jewellery in them), and are items most people would wear.  I won't be using the sunnies, i'm blind as a bat and just picked up new glasses and a pair of prescription sunnies.  I love the necklace, though, and can see myself wearing the cuff too.

Duri Nail polishes in Voodoo and Black Diamond ($18 each), Modelco Colourbox Eye Shadow in Miami ($28) and Out of Africe Pure Shea Butter ($9.99).  The nail polishes are lovely, the pink isn't quite as shocking as the photo shows (it is definitely a fluoro pink, just not that bright), and the black is opaque in 1 coat.  The modelco is a pretty bronzey-brown, one of those colours that will suit almost everyone, and has a good colour payoff and is nice and soft.  The shea butter is exactly that, shea butter.  Honestly i don't know what LHI expected people to do with this, it's rock hard and very hard to get down to a liquid (i have the same stuff in my lotion making kit, it is hard even when mixed with other substances).  I'll do something with it, though.

Miami swatch

Finally i also grabbed a De Lorenzo Ocean Mist spray ($24.95).  Again 100% points.  This really makes your hair feel like it's been in sea water, if you don't like that then this isn't the product for you.  But it helps define my natural waves (which once brushed normally look like Hermione Granger's in the early movies) and i don't mind the texture.

Postage on this took a week (It 'shipped' the day after i purchased it), and cost $9.95 in shipping.  LHI ship their own items, but other companies ship themselves (so these shipped from LHI, but the rest of my order shipped from the company themselves).

I'll pop up Part 2 in the next 24 hours :) 

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