Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Redpawpaw November 2014

Morning all!

First things first, this is my 100 post!!!  Thank you for sticking around the last month, i know i've been a horrible blogger, we've had a tonne of bugs go around the family and if i wasn't sick, i've been dealing with someone who was.

Secondly, it's Redpawpaw time again!!  There was a facebook message on their wall yesterday saying boxes were starting to be shipped today, so imagine my surprise when my parcel lady just rocked up with my box!!  Thanks RPP!
Look how full it is!
Vege Chips Popped-Cheese, lightly salted and lime chilli-99c each   These were the sneak peek for the month, i expected 1 flavour, but we have a sample size of each.
Peckish Rice Snackers-$2.30
White Wings Rich Chocolate Fondant-$6.44 (can't find the exact one online, so went off the other cafe creations)
White Wings Pancakes Apple Cinnamon-$5.48  This is a repeat for me, but i loved them the first time around and am happy to have them again
All Bran Apple Crunch-$6.13 (again, i can't find it online.  It exists, but not available online shopping.  price is for the same size box of traditional all bran)
Paul Newman's Own Light Ranch-$4.72
Cascade Lemon Lime and Bitters-$1.07
Goulburn Valley 2 fruits-$2.14
Imperial Leather Flirtatious body wash-57c
Maille  A l'Ancienne mustard-53c


Not as high a value as previous boxes, and no big ticket item, however i like the box.  We will use everything in it, and there are plenty of new products that i've never tried (and some i've never heard of) which is the whole idea of buying the box. 

What do you think?

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