Monday, October 27, 2014

Violet Box October 2014

Hi all,

I'm Back!  Sorry for the lack of communication for the last couple of weeks, we've been a sick household.

My Violet box rocked up this morning!  They were claiming it was an 'all about lips' box, but i'll let you make up your mind about that.
Haughty Cosmetics Lipgloss-$23

This was the sneak peek for the month.  It's supposed to look like a lipstick but feel like a balm, with a lipgloss shine.  It smells divine, like chocco-mint-vanilla!  It's all natural, and for each one purchased they donate 50% of the proceeds to domestic violence.  Mine's Pull It Together, a plummy-pink.
Designer Brands Lipstick-$9.99

Mine's Pink Rouge.  For those outside Australia, DB is a cheap brand.  It's ok quality, but nothing to write home about.  I'm not overly impressed finding it in my VB.  This is supposed to be moisturising, blah, blah, blah.  It's a lightish pink, and i'm not sure if i can pull it off yet, so it may be going to my mum.
Designer Brands Lip Pencil-$4.99

More of it!  At least i'll use this colour (Fuchsia Rose).  But it's still DB!  They send out full sized eyeliners for free, FGS!
Wotnots Wipes-$1.95

Yep, you're seeing correctly, VB have included Wotnots wipes yet again.  They even have a price for a 5 pack now.   This brand has been done to death, they send out samples themselves, and all the boxes have included them multiple times.  Enough already!  When they bring out something new, send it out, until then let it die a quiet death.
PHR Leave-in moisturiser

Yep, a sachet sample.  Meh.  It sounds interesting, but i won't use it all at once, and storing it once opened is a PITA.  Brands, take this on board, If Arbonne can do their samples in little tubes, so can you.  You're not winning anyone over with these.
Eslor Introductory Set

As above.  These are fairly expensive full sized (the day cream selling for $85), but there may be 2 days use in these, they are annoying to use and i'm not going to base a big purchase off a sample this size.
Haughty cosmetics, DB lipstick, DB lip pencil
As you can probably tell, i'm not overly impressed with the box.  We've gone from a box of all full size, to a box with mainly samples.  I can't wait to try out the Haughty lipgloss, the DB stuff will probably get used, the others are meh!  I'd expect this type of box from the other big 2, it feels like there hasn't been a whole lot of thought put in to most of it, and i don't know how you can call it 'all about lips'.

Oh well, can't win them all.

What do you think?

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