Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Violet Box January 2015

Morning lovelies!

This is an overdue post (i've been unwell, very dizzy).  My Violet Box has been here for just over a week.  January always poses problems for boxes, most of the time they are late.  I get it, and VB kept us in the loop, plus they rocked up very early Feb, so no complaints.

Mellow Cosmetics Blush-$14-full size

This is pink, i promise!  It's a gorgeous blush, very pigmented (so use a big fluffy brush), goes on sheer and is a lovely warm colour.  I'm really enjoying the items VB is sending out from Mellow, they are cheap but great quality.
Emite Precision eye pencil-$24.95-full size

New brand!  This is a great waterline colour, doesn't tug at all, and goes on smoothly, plus packs a lot of punch.  Hopefully we get to try something else from the brand in the coming months.
Lonvitalite gold eye mask-$25.95-sample size

LHI was all over this brand years ago, so i'm not impressed seeing it in VB (i think i have these floating around already).
Cosmetic Kitchen mask-$24.95-full size

Another LHI brand.  This was in the LHI dec box. Blah.
Real Chemistry 3 minute peel-$67-sample size

This is a gel you spread on your face after cleansing, and it balls up and takes all the dead skin off.  I can't say i noticed much of a difference after using it, maybe time will tell, but it's a teensy sample.

I must admit i'm a bit sick of seeing LHI repeats, but i love both makeup items, so i'll let it slide.

What do you think?

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