Thursday, February 26, 2015

Memebox Valentine's Day #1 Gifts for You


Here it is, my final Memebox :(  I'm going to miss them.

Sevendrops Criste-Marine Firming Eye Cream-$52
A.H.C The First Caviar Ampoule-$50
Secretkey Color Recipe Cream-$17

 The Yeon Wannabe Romance Gel Perfume-$12
Rosemine Whipping Milk Body Lotion-$15

Total value $146 USD

This is an amazing value box.  I'm excited to try the ampoule, i've read so much about them, but have yet to try one out.  The perfume smells amazing, and is a great formula (it's a gel, in what looks like a mascara tube.  Perfect to take out with you).  The body lotion smells like passionfruit, and leaves my skin so soft.  The eye cream and moisturiser sound great too, but i don't want to open them just yet (i have others i need to finish off first).

All in all i have enjoyed all the Memeboxes i've bought, they were a great way to discover different brands.  Hopefully the end of international shipping will be short lived.

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