Tuesday, March 10, 2015



I have a feeling this is 6 months worth of empties.  I look at some bloggers who have a huge pile each month, some months i'm lucky to have 2 items.  But i've accumulated a couple of bags worth, and i thought it was time to chuck them out!
The new pantene i seem to have received from everywhere, and i still have samples left.  It's definitely something i would repurchase, it it's the right price.
The Spa Vitaberry shampoo came out of a Memebox, and i ADORE it.  Would love some more.
VO5, lovely.
The dry shampoo came from a VB, i used it twice and then it was completely empty.  Either i got a faulty bottle, or the brand has issues.
Davroe argan oil, meh.  I didn't think it did a great job, and it was so far from being an oil it wasn't funny.
Other samples were used for the sake of getting rid of them.  Both were too small to provide any decent feedback.
Body.The organic care body wash was lovely, would happily buy it again.
The jewellery scrub came from a memebox, it was ok, not something i would buy myself, though.
The palmolive i bought in bulk when i discovered it, i'm almost finished bottle #2.
Original source is a brand that is used regularly in this house.
Appelles Soap it really nice, i have another stashed away to use.
The Bioderma/kora were ok, again they were used for the sake of clearing space.  I'm still using the Dr Haushka full sized product i was sent to review, i love them.  Schick worked well, but was a disposable which i try to avoid.

The good skin micro exfoliant, i loved.  Shame we can't buy it here anymore.
The face wipes, meh.  They aren't something i use regularly, although they were some of the better ones i've tried.
Biore charcoal cleanser, once i've used what i've got, i'm repurchasing.  It's a favourite.
Both toners were nothing to write home about.
Seven wonders argan oil, was too heavy for my skin, but worked great in my hair.
Purity/people for plants cleansers-were ok.  I'd happily have samples again but wouldn't bother with buying full sized versions.
Puretopia day cream-lovely.  This one isn't actually empty, it's just on the old side and has started to cause issues with my eyes when i use it.
Princess mask-meh.
Clarisea exfoliant-I want the full size!
Kmart rounds-there are much better out there, however they do the job.
Bioderma-does what it should, it isn't a product i rave over, though.
Other samples-too small to discuss.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream-I liked this, however i preferred the Dream Pure sample i tried.  I would buy it again, though
Rimmel Scandaleyes retro glam-It wasn't the worst mascara, nor was it the best.

There you go!!  6 months worth of empties.  Now to fill those bags again!

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