Monday, August 3, 2015

Essence Hidden Stories

Morning all!

Essence have a new trend edition!  It's called Hidden Stories, and is a collection based on dreamy, floaty, ethereal colours.  There are some products in the collection i'm not all that interested in (coloured hair sprays, the pixie dusts etc), but i've picked up a few of the ones i love.
This is how the weather looked the day i took all the photos.  They're a bit dull, sorry.
Cream Highlighters in 01 Rose in Wonderland and 02 Enter Wonderland-$6.15

These are gorgeous highlighters, they leave an extremely fine sheen on your skin.  01 is a pink based highlighter, 02 is a lilac based one.
Lipglosses in 01 Rose in Wonderland and 02 Mauve-llous Fairy-$3.70

These are your typical Essence lipglosses.  They smell like blackberries, aren't overly sticky, and make gorgeous lipstick toppers.  01 is clear with a silverish glitter, 02 is a mauve with pink and mauve glitter.
Soufflé Eyeshadow in 03 Mauve-llous Fairy-$6.15

I love these eyeshadows.  03 is a silvery purple, in some lights it looks silver and in some purple. 

Nail Polish in 01 Enter Wonderland and 03 Mauve-llous Fairy-$4.10

The nail polishes in this collection all had different finishes.  01 is a matte lilac cream, 03 is a mauve with pink, purple and blue glitters.

It really is a pretty collection, full of light colours and sparkles. 

Available at both Target and Priceline.

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