Thursday, August 6, 2015

Violet Box July 2015

Morning All!

*sob*  This is the last ever Violet Box  *sob*  We got an email last week saying that they were discontinuing sending boxes (if you have a longer subscription and have months left, you will get a box of goodies to make up for the missed months).  With the drop in the Aussie dollar, it's getting prohibitively expensive to get goods in (and as you know, a lot of VB stuff comes from America).  There will be a big sale coming up on the website too.

The info card is different to every single other one that has ever come out.  The front states "In order to comply with the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Information Standards) Regulations 1991 Violet Box publishes product ingredient information on this card.  For tips on how to use these products please visit the Violet Box blog (". Seems strange to change it now, when it's the very last box. 
 Mr. Bean Coconut Coffee Scrub-$17.95-full size

This has been something that has been promised for a while now.  It didn't rock up in time for it's original box, so here it is.  It's supposed to help cellulite, stretch marks, dry skin etc.  It's made out of ground coffee beans, pink rock salt, demerara sugar, cacao, coconut oil, vit e oil and coconut essence.  Honestly, it sounds like it belongs in my kitchen!  It smells very strongly of coffee, so if you don't like the smell i'd stay away.  I'm interested in trying it out, but i'm not overly excited about it.

 Urban Skincare Co Resurrect Hair Wash and Recovery Conditioner-$26.95 each-sample size

These promote healthy hair and great hydration.  They both contain ginger root to help boost your hair etc.  They smell amazing (everything i've tried from this brand smells amazing).  We're going away next school holidays, so i plan on keep these to go away with.
 Tarocco Body Wash-$18-sample size

So, you can buy something roughly this size in the US for $4USD.  The brand is known for olive oil beauty products.  From the website:

"In the town of Rapsi, in the provence of Francofonte,Sicily my great great grandfather Gesualdo Di Naro was about to make a special discovery. A farmer, he owned several orange and olive groves throughout the territory. One day walking through his fields he found an orange with a unique red color, sweetness and flavor. Tarocco (also know as "Blood Orange" and "Red Orange"), the first name given to it, meaningbeautiful in Sicilian dialect, was his discovery.
This fruit, rich in antioxidants, has been used by my family in the same way we use everything from our lands, internally and externally. It will leave your skin soft, replenished and toned."

This smells like orange, but also faintly medicinal.  Again, going away for our trip.
 Starlooks Lip Pencil-$9.95-sample size

Doing some background research on this i found something interesting.  Starlooks do a range of 'Perfect Size' cosmetics, around 3/4 the size of the full size.  Last months lipgloss was one, and this is another.  This retails for $ 6USD, and is a product in it's own right (not just a sample).  It's a lovely brownish pink, and goes on so smoothly.
Etat Libre D'Orange 'Like This'-$199-sample size

I completely forgot to photograph this, sorry.  It's a 1.5ml sample of perfume, worth close to $3.  The full size is so expensive!  I can find it for $185, which isn't much of an improvement on the $199 price given by VB.  It's notes are :
Head Notes - Tangerine, Ginger
Heart Notes - Immortelle, Neroli, Rose, Pumpkin Accord
Base Notes - Vetiver, Musk, Heliotrope

I like it, it's a very grown up scent (a woody floral, i suppose), and will enjoy the sample.

And that's it!  The end of VB!  Only 1 full size product, although 2 of the products can be bought in the same size.

I'm really going to miss VB.  Australia is lacking in the beauty box department, and whilst i've signed up to a new one (for me, i've signed up to The Parcel), none could match VB for the range of products.

Farwell Violet Box!

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