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Lust Have It August 2015-Birthday Box!

Morning Lovelies!

Now this is something you haven't seen for a while!  I resigned to Lust Have It for the month (i've missed all the excitement of getting a monthly box), what i've been seeing from LHI suggests their boxes are definitely worth the purchase, and it's Birthday month!  Happy 4th Birthday LHI!!!

Surprise, surprise, though, my shipping notification rocked up around the same time as my box.  So not everything has changed.
Look at it!  Firstly, they're still using the pink mesh bags.  I like these, not sure it i would if i received one each month, but i find them useful in small doses.  Secondly, look at the makeup!

There is also a competition on the reverse side of the info card, to win a year's subscription.
Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow-$49.95-full size

If you were a current subscriber you got a choice of colour for this (Light, Medium, Tan).  I got a random colour, but got the one i would have chosen anyway (light).  This was a sample in a previous VB, it is a body lotion that helps hides imperfections, evens out skin tones and claims to help hide wrinkles and cover age spots.  It is very shimmery, but does seem to help give my skin a lovely radiant finish.  Supposedly it is unscented, however (and i think i mentioned this last time) i find it has a beer-y smell.  Kinda yeasty (i have a feeling i've described it as smelling like a brewery).  However using it again today that smell hasn't bothered me, and it disappears quickly.
Reed Orange and Poppy Seed Scrub-$6.50-full size

This smells good enough to eat!!  I could smell it as soon as i opened the bag, and it smells exactly like orange-poppy seed cake.  This is a brand new brand to me, and looking at their website, they sell an amazing array of products, including an eczema cream (which i plan on buying in the near future).  From the website:

Full of grape seed oil t is easily absorbed making it a very moisturising oil as well as a mild antiseptic. High in antioxidnts protecting your skin against free radicals. Containing vitamin C, D and E. Vitamin C is essential to collagen production, helping smooth out fine lines. Vitamin D boosts elasticity and stimulates collagen production, reducing fine lines and sun spots. Vitamin E replenishes your skins moisture as well as blocking harmful UV rays which can lead to premature ageing.

I cannot wait to try this out once i use the scrubs i already have open, and there are so many products on that website that sound amazing!
Mellow Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadow-$9.50-full size

Whoot!  Mellow!  Everything i have tried from Mellow has been amazing, and now i have 2 new products to play with.  First up is this Mellow eyeshadow in Peach.  It's beautiful!  Just by swatching i can tell you it is highly pigmented, it is super silky and soft, it goes on like a dream and blends flawlessly.  And it can be worn wet or dry!  The packaging isn't anything to write home about, but i'm willing to forgive that.  Plus this is one of those shades that will suit almost anyone, is a perfect highlighting shade and would be perfect as a base for other colours.
Mellow Cosmetics Mineral Auto Twist Liner-$8-full size

And Mellow #2.  In a previous VB we received a gel liner, which was in a little pot, this is an auto pencil.  This is 100% mineral based, is long lasting, non flaking, and doesn't contain parabens, preservatives or chemical dyes.  I got a navy liner, which is a gorgeous royal blue, and just like the gel liner, once set it doesn't budge (i have a very pretty blue line on my hand that i can't rub off).
Ulta3 Volume and Length Mascara-$6.95-full size

If you have read this blog for a while, you'd know how i feel about Ulta3.  Every product i've tried has been great, it's a relatively cheap brand, and it's good quality.  I can't tell you much about this, i have 4 mascaras on the go ATM (including 1 i'm in the process of reviewing), however i'll do a review once i get around to trying this.  By the claims it sounds great, it gives both volume and and definition, so i'm interested to give it a go.
Mellow Liner and Eyeshadow

RCK body lotion
There you go!  Honestly i think it's one of the best LHI boxes i've ever received, i'll use everything and i've discovered something new.  Whilst i'm not planning on going back to LHI full time (i've subscribed to The Parcel), it's definitely something i would consider.  They seem to have worked out most of the kinks that lead me to leave in the first place (although the main reason seems to still be a problem), and they are back on track with deliveries (i was surprised to received my box today, i only resigned a week ago and thought i'd be at the bottom of the list). 

Happy Birthday Lust Have It!!

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