Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lust Have It Oct 2015

Afternoon all!

Well, as you can see, LHI were more on the ball last month.  Boxes were actually sent before the end of the month!  They made the executive decision to send the box without 2 of the products that were scheduled to appear in Oct, and instead subbed in 2 of the products from Nov (that had rocked up early).
Back to pink!
Nearly all fulled sized this month, with a bonus treat.
Hair and Me Hair Rejuvenation Treatment-$19.99-full size

I'm supposed to have written a nice long review about this already, but I really have mixed feelings about the product.  I'm going to use this one up, then write the review.
Bioderma Sensibio Light-$32.99-sample size

This is for sensitive and intolerant skin, is supposed to help soothe it.  I must admit i'm slightly over seeing Bioderma in boxes, but at least this is a different product.
Flormar Nail Enamel-$12-full size

The info card (which was emailed this month due to the sudden change in products) says this is supposed to be a mix of nail care, showing things like nail oils etc.  But the couple of blog posts i've seen are nail colours?  So the value might be different.  This was one of the substituted products, and it's a very pretty silver, perfect for Christmas.
Flormar Supershine Lipstick-????-full size

This is the second substitute.  The card doesn't even give this as an option (all it says is a mix of products, then lists the possibilities.  This lipstick variety is not listed), and as for price it says $30-$50 (although Flormar online seems a lot cheaper).  But i'm so happy i got a lipstick, and it's a lovely colour (a shimmery coral), perfect for summer.  It smells lovely, too, orange-y and biscuity.   Yum!
Lust Have It Highlighter Compact-$29.95-full size

I haven't seen LHI come out with their own product in ages!  This is a lovely highlighter, in the colour Sunset Strobe. It's a really natural peachy-gold, so it's going to give a nice subtle highlight.  Plus the compact has a nice big mirror.
Bonus-Atkins Chocolate Candies

Yum, chocolate

Skin Magic Tea-this was supposed to the the 5 missing from the Sept box, however it's only 1-again!
Highlighter swatch and lipstick

Well, what a mixed box!  The highlighter is lovely, the hair treatment i'm on the fence about, and the Flormar i'm not quite sure about yet (online it comes across as a very cheap brand, so quality is yet to be seen).  But with only the highlighter and the treatment the box is worth over double what i paid, so i'm still happy with it.

What do you think?  What mixed Flormar product did you get?

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