Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jamberry Nail Wraps

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I'm sure you've all heard of Jamberry by now (unless you live under a rock).  It's a huge craze that hit our shores from America at the start of October.  Jamberry are a range of nail products, mostly known for their nail wraps, but they also sell polishes, gel polishes and nail/hand care products.

The nail wraps are vinyl wraps that are made to stay put for up to 2 weeks.  You get 18 wraps per pack, which will do a couple of manicures and pedicures, plus some feature nails (which honestly depends on the size of your nails.  The bigger your nails the less you are going to get out of a pack.  The smallest wraps might fit Miss A's nails, but they don't come close to mine).  There are 300-odd designs, so something for everyone, and you can search by colour, finish, and by collection.

Application of the wraps is a bit fiddly (although if you're ever done gel nails at home, it's no harder or longer).  The wraps need to be heated to seal to your nails, which can be done with a hair dryer or you can buy a heater from Jamberry (i used a hair dryer, and didn't find it too difficult).  There are a few methods, and plenty of youtube tutorials covering them all, so i won't go in to too much detail.  The biggest problem i found was sourcing all the different things you need, without buying them all directly from the company.  You need an alcohol wipe (i ended up using my gel nails prep instead), a soft cuticle stick (which i think was the hardest of all, the wooden ones are a dime a dozen, but finding a soft one proved to be hard.  Priceline sell a Models Prefer one at a decent price, but it isn't the softest), sharp, small scissors, a nail file, tweezers and of course your heat source.  Some are easy to find, or you should have them on hand, but having to go out and source particular things just to do my nails put me off a bit.  Once you have them it isn't an issue, though.
These were my nails the first day i applied the wraps.  There were a few creases in some nails, but all in all they weren't too bad.  I found application to be fairly simple, however i think practice makes perfect.  If anything finding the right size for your nails was the hardest part, it's recommended that you pick a wrap slightly smaller than your nail, but finding that perfect size for some nails was difficult (you can cut the wraps if needed).  i love the way they look on my nails, though.
Wear after 2 days
Wear after 4 days
Wear after 6 days
I ended up taking the wraps off after 6 days.  As you can see by then they had lifted beyond repair (small lifts i had filed off until then).  To remove them i just used my DB Instant Nail Polish Remover and Primer.

I really enjoyed the wraps!  I kind of can't wait to use them again, to see if i can get a better result.  They are gorgeous, and lasted longer on my nails than gels.  They didn't last quite as long as i hoped, but that may have been user error.

Gripes are mainly with the company.  When looking for info for this post i found a lot of the website missing.  The links are there, but there is only an error message when you click on them.  Things like 'How to apply nails', 'contact us', 'about us', 'FAQs', things that if i was buying from the company i'd want to know.  I'd get it if the company had just opened for business, but they've been in Australia since the 1/10, so over 2.5 months.  I know there are demonstrators you can ask questions, but what happens if i don't know one?  Or i want to order at 2am and no-one's awake?  I can buy, but if i want to know anything else tough luck?  Seems off to me.

However none of that has anything to do with the demonstrator who kindly sent me these to try.  She's the lovely Alley Trumper , and she would be happy to answer any questions you have about the wraps, or any other product in the Jamberry range.  Plus she has an amazing Facebook group where you can see other people's wraps, ask questions etc.

Thank you so much Alley!  I've loved trying them out.

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