Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Skin B5

Afternoon Lovelies!

It's almost Christmas!  Where has the year gone?

I received an email from the lovely Michelle over at Skin B5 a couple of months ago, asking if i'd be interested in reviewing the range.  I jumped at the opportunity.  I'm a past cystic acne sufferer, and still get hormonal acne (although it's nothing like it used to be), and therefore am passionate about treatment options.

The Skin B5 philosophy is that in order to treat acne, you need to use products both externally and internally.  So the range consists of a cleanser, moisturiser and mask for the external, and 2 different tablets for the internal. 
There's the Acne Control Cleansing Mousse.  It (from the website) "Tightens & unclogs pores, Removes excess skin oil, Soothes troubled skin, Removes dead skin, Prevents breakouts, Refines skin texture,Effectively removes makeup"

I really like the cleanser, but i will dispute one thing.  I found it didn't remove makeup all that well.  Not a problem for me these days, i used a cleansing oil first and then used the cleanser, but i can see it being an issue for younger people.  As a teen i wore makeup each and every day, i hated my skin and tried everything i could to hide the acne i had.   And had i used a system like this, i wouldn't have strayed from it.  So, to me, a product like this either has to remove every miniscule amount of makeup, or there needs to be another step to the system to ensure that the issue is taken care of (even a list of acceptable products).

Other than that, i love this.  It leaves my skin soft and smooth, i find i don't need to exfoliate as it does a great job of removing dead skin, and it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight at the end.

The second step is the Skin Purifying Mask.  It "Cleanses acne prone skin - potent antibacterial properties, Purifies - absorbs and extracts oils and impurities, Soothes and heals skin surface and irritation, Helps to renew skin condition, FAST acting - see the difference in just 5 minutes!".

It really is a fast mask, you leave it on for 5-odd minutes, then rinse off.  You can use it as a mask twice a week, or as a spot treatment as needed.  It smells lovely, and really leaves your skin feeling beautiful.

Then finally there's the Acne Control Moisturiser,  It "Prevents breakouts, Non-comedogenic, Easily absorbed, Evens skin tone, Tightens pores, Control shine".

It's a thinner moisturiser, so i don't know how people with really dry skin would find it.  Otherwise it did what it claimed, and was the perfect finish to the other products.
Then we have the internal products.  There are 2 different tablets, one is the Acne Control Caplets (the smaller tablets), the other the Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets (the larger tablets). 

The Extra Strength Tablets are for those people with moderate to serious acne.  They "Potent formula to help control more serious acne, Helps control skin oil production - suitable for acne sufferers with very oily skin, Supports skin healing and renewal, Supports healthy immune function, Provides powerful anti-blemish antioxidants, Helps relieve stress".  The biggest surprise for me was how it worked on my stress levels.  I have anxiety, and my husband went away for 2 weeks when this package rocked up.  I was expecting (as was hubby) to be fairly frazzled by the time he came home, but i wasn't.  I was noticeably calmer, and things didn't get to me as much.  Plus my skin glowed :)

The Caplets are for those of us who have mild acne or occasional breakouts.  These have Vitex in them (which the others don't), which is a herb that helps regulate hormones (it's something women who have irregular cycles and are TTC turn to for help).  So these should help those of us who suffer from those hormonal breakouts.

After all that, the big question.  Did the range help my skin?

Honestly, i didn't notice a huge difference to my acne.  In saying that, my skin is pretty clear the majority of the time.  What i did notice was a change in my skin itself.  It was smoother, and clearer (if that makes sense).  It didn't seem to be clogged up with gunk, and if anything my pores and acne scars seemed less noticeable.  Plus it seemed to glow from within, with the added bonus of my stress and anxiety levels dropping dramatically.

The Skin B5 range is wonderful, and definitely worth trying for those of us who are battling acne and It's available from the Skin B5 website.

Thank you so much Michelle and the Skin B5 team for the opportunity to review the range!

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