Thursday, December 17, 2015

Redpawpaw Summer 2015

Evening all!

It's that time again!  RPP have joined forces with Subscription Box Australia, so that's the Facebook page to ask questions on etc (i know last box it was a bit up in the air about why the RPP facebook page had disappeared, and whether or not the company was in trouble).  They also posted full spoilers for the box, although not all the spoilers were in my box (not sure if that's intentional, and you just get a random mix, or if there's stuff missing.  From past boxes it's probably a random mix).

But, on to the exciting part, the contents!
The box was really heavy!  Same box, as per usual.
Fantastic Thinner Bite Black Rice Crackers-sample size 10c
Nature Valley Crunchy Bars-sample size $1.98
Uncle Toby's Yoghurt and Strawberry Lunchbox Bars-full size $3.99
Belvita Breakfast Muesli Biscuits-full size $4.00
Campbell's Real Soup Bases in Moroccan, Italian and Asian-full size $5.00 each
Sipahh Chrismint Straws-sample size $1.28
Kraft Crunchy Hazelnut Spread-full size $5.70
Tic Tac Candy Cane-full size $1.69
Darrell Lea Choc Stix-full size 79c each
Well Good Coconut Flour-??  A lovely looking recipe for Banana and Raspberry bread was included, using this flour.
Qi Teas sample packs-??


Is it up to normal Redpawpaw standards?  Not really.  However everything in the box will get used.  I have raspberries here, and some overripe bananas, so that coconut flour has plans, i've already eaten the liquorice/milk choc stix, my eldest desperately wants a sipahh straw, and the rest will be eaten over time.  And i love that there were some Christmas-y items included.

I'd love to know your thoughts, i don't know how many people still subscribe to RPP, and whilst i think it's ok, i'm not sure about everyone else.

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