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Madam Glam

Morning Lovelies!!

Last November i was contacted by the beautiful Mihaela from Madam Glam, wondering if i'd be interested in reviewing some products from the brand.  I'm going to be completely honest, and say that i had never heard of them, but after a quick search i discovered an amazing website filled with absolutely gorgeous products.

Madam Glam is a makeup and nail polish brand from New York!  They do nail polishes, both gel and normal, plus a small range of makeup.  Everything is cruelty free (so never tested on animals) and the polishes are all 5 free.  They ship internationally, $8.95USD or free for orders over $80.

Mihaela and i had a bit of a chat about products, and what colours i normally go for, and i then promptly forgot about it.  So i was so surprised to receive a little parcel all the way from New York (i think it was more exciting as it was from New York!!).  The products themselves were individually bubble wrapped, with more bubble wrap in the box (they were in a little black box, then in the mailer).  Everything arrived in perfect condition, and i loved the amount of detail that went in to the packaging.  We all know how things can arrive when sent within Australia, so knowing that that amount of care is taken reassures me that anything i order will arrive in perfect condition.
I received 4 products, a blush, a lipstick, an eyeshadow and a nail polish.  I love that the 4 all suit, so a look can be created from these 4 products alone.
First and foremost, i have a Classic Matte Lipstick in Metro Red.  It's a gorgeous blue toned red, and isn't a matte matte (nor is it a satin, it's between the 2) which makes it extremely comfortable to wear.  It tugs a bit as you apply it, but i've found that with any matte lipstick.  It goes on slightly sheer, but is buildable, so you can go for a wash of colour, or a bold lip (you know me, i love a bold lip.  But i love that i can wear this anywhere).  After applying first thing in the morning i find i still have to remove my lipstick last thing of a night, although it does become more of a stain as the day wears on. 

The tube is a matte black oval tube, with the logo on the lid and the product name on a sticker on the base.  The size of the tube belies how much product it contains, an Essence lipstick contains less, but the tube is over 1cm bigger.  The size makes it perfect for carrying in your bag, plus i haven't had the matte black pick up any gunk (as matte black packing tends to).

They retail for $15.95USD, and they contain 4.5g of lipstick.
Then we have a Mineral eyeshadow in Razz Berry.  Now let me tell you all the things i love about this.

Firstly, i love this type of packaging for eyeshadows.  There's no searching for a brush, you don't end up with a heap of fallout, they're easy to store, they're easy to travel with.  I'm not a massive eyeshadow user, but i tend to reach for this type before anything else.  I am interested to see how accessible the product is when it's almost finished, though (i've had issues with this type of thing in the past, great to begin with, not so brilliant at the end).

Secondly, i love the colour.  I used to wear metallic purple shimmer powder as a young teen (and metallic purple lipstick, and glitter, and stars.............  I thought i looked gorgeous!), and this is a toned down, grown up version.  It's a gorgeous luminous lilac, with a bit of a sheen and some subtle shimmer.  It's not completely 'in your face', but it definitely appeals to 13 y/o Olivia (in a way that her almost 30 y/o self can get away with).

Now these little beauties are fragrance free, allergen free, paraben free, gluten (?) free, and they're mineral makeup.  They blend out beautifully for a sheer wash, or pack a punch when built up.  Again, if you're in to touching up throughout the day, the packaging is perfect for chucking in your handbag (unless it's my lipcolour i don't touch my makeup up during the day, but i know plenty of you do).

These babies sell for $17.95USD, and contain 1g of product.
Now this is the Just a Flirt nail polish.  If you have read this blog EVER, you know what i think of most nail polishes.  They just don't last on my nails!  OPI chips in less than 24 hours, if i get 24 hours out of any brand with out a chip i'm happy.  This i get 2-3 days before it chips, and even then they're so small i can get a few more days before i want it off.  Ah-Maz-Ing!!  Plus the formula.  It's lilac, finding a lilac nail polish that doesn't need a bazillion coats to look even is like finding a needle in a haystack.  This is beautiful in 2, and looks pretty good with 1.  I've pretty much been exclusively wearing this since it arrived, and i'm still not sick of it, plus it's been on Miss A's nails too.

Plus the bottle is wonderful.  Square bottles make storage so much easier.

Madam Glam nail polishes are $10.95USD each!

Last but not least, we have the Powder Blush in Sable.  I am going to be completely honest and tell you this scared the living daylights out of me when i first saw it.  It's so dark!!  I really didn't think i was going to be able to use it.  However, with a very light hand, and plenty of blending, i fell in love.  The Madam Glam blushes are matte, triple milled., and really highly pigmented.  All this meant that with a big fluffy brush i ended up with a beautiful soft flush.  Yes, it's a bit more work than a lighter blush, but no more than my brighter blushes. 

Plus check out that packaging!  I had a play with everything before i looked each one up, and the blush just seemed really bulky for the size of the pan.  So after a bit of investigating i discovered the brush.  And it's a lovely little brush, really soft and no loose hairs!  It works perfectly with the blush.  And with the mirror, it is, again, the perfect on-the-go companion.

The blushes are $15.99USD, and contain 3.1g of product.
Razz Berry eyeshadow, Metro Red lipstick, Sable blush
I really love each and every product i received.  They're all amazing quality, the packaging is to die for, and the products themselves can't be faulted.  I would love some more of the nail polishes and really want to try the gels.

Thank you so much to both Mihaela and Madam Glam for the opportunity to review the brand, and for my lovely products.

For more information or to buy visit Madam Glam

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