Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lust Have It Feb 2016

Morning lovelies!

After a busy couple of weeks i'm finally finding the time to sit down and write this!  Between a surprise visit from my parents, a child home from school for a week with some strange bug, and not being 100% myself, blogging has been the last thing on my mind.

My LHI box rocked up almost 2 weeks ago, on the 1st of March (i should have had it the 29th of Feb, but Aust Post stuffed up).  It's a fairly packed bag compared to a normal bag, which is nice.
Also, red bag!  Perfect for valentines day (next year :p)
Be a Bombshell Mascara-$21-full size

I don't quite know what to make of this.  Be a Bombshell is one of those brands that rocks up regularly (at least they did in Violet Box), and whilst there is nothing overly wrong with their products, they definitely aren't worth what they charge.  But (like my beloved Essence) i've heard terrible things about their mascaras (BaB rocks up in overseas bags regularly, too).  I currently have a back log of mascaras, so i'll give it a go, but i'm not expecting brilliant things.
Mellow Cosmetics Matte Lipstick-$18-full size

MELLOW!!!  You could either receive a lipstick or blush this month, and i'm so happy i got the lipstick (i have a blush from a VB).  It's in the colour Candy Floss (i've seen a couple of variants, this, a nude and a red/orange) which is the perfect colour for me (although it's caused a few grumbles from other subscribers).  It's a bright blue based candy pink, and it smells like sugary vanilla (it's named perfectly).  It goes on smoothly, it has an amazing colour payoff, and it lasts forever.  It's not what i'd call a true matte, it's more of a satin-y matte, which means it doesn't dry your lips out terribly and makes it really comfortable to wear.  I LOVE it!!
Lanolips Golden Ointment-$28.95-full size

Lanolips!!  Love Lanolips.  This is another variant, there was also a hand balm as well.  But i really like Golden ointment.  It's a mix of lanolin, manuka honey and vit e, so it's perfect for really dry skin, head to toe.  It's really sticky, which can be annoying (best used just before bed), but it does such an amazing job i'm willing to overlook that.  I already have the travel tin (which is the perfect size for lipbalm) and the tube is great for all those other uses.
The Body Shop Vit E Moisture cream ($24.95), Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil ($24.95) and Indian Summer EDT ($36.95)-sample sizes

I haven't tried either of the moisturisers, but the EDT isn't my style (i'm currently wearing Red Musk from the body shop, and i love it).  I really like seeing Body Shop in a box, though.  It's one of those brands that a lot of people talk about, but not everyone has easy access to (oh, most people probably have access to a BSAH consultant, but it isn't the same as walking in to a store), so it gives more people a chance to test out some things for themselves (in saying that last time i was in my local store i got a card with a sample of the facial oil and the corresponding night cream, so if you're interested samples are available).  And i love that they're not teeny tiny sachet samples, you get to give them a good try.
Garnier Fructis Full and Luscious-$5.95-sample size

Meh!  They'll get used, and i think they were classed as a bonus, but it's not something i'm overly excited about.
Mellow Lipstick
In full size products alone my box it worth almost $70!  Which is huge.  And i'll use everything.

I'll be back, my Parcel should be here any day now, so watch this space!!

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