Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Marie Claire's The Parcel-Autumn Edit

Evening Lovelies!!

My Autumn parcel rocked up today!!  Yesterday was a public holiday here, so it took a bit longer than others, but it's here.
I do love the outer slip covers on the parcel boxes.  They help brighten things up, and they make them very recognisable.
It looks emptier than the last couple :(  However all bar 1 product is full size.
MOR Emporium classics triple-milled soap in blood orange-$19.95-full size

$19.95-for soap?!?!  I can get Lush cheaper.  This smells lovely, and i like MOR as a brand, but that price tag!
OPI Nail Lacquer-$19.95-full size

Mine's Pedal Faster Suzi! a pretty dusty pink with shimmer.  I know OPI is loved by many, but i'm not one of them.  Every time i've tried something from the brand i have chipped within a couple of hours, and by 24 hours i may as well have not painted them at all.  I'll give this one a go, but i'm not holding my breathe.
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water-$6.95-full size

Meh!  Blah!  This is #4 in the queue (i'm currently using a korean cleansing oil to remove my makeup, and have 3 other bottles of micellar water).  I don't mind micellar waters, i just have an over supply.
CROP Natural Pure Macadamia Oil-$18-full size

Now this i like.  It's a multipurpose oil, for your hair, body, face, nails, cleanser, moisturiser etc.  It appears to absorb easily, it doesn't have a scent, and comes in an easy to use pump bottle (which should help with oxidation).  I'm excited to give this a good try out.
Estêe Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum-$140-sample size ($18.67)

Wow!  This is supposed to plump and lift your jawline and cheeks.  Fan-cy!  I don't think i'm their target audience, not at 29 (30's still 7ish weeks away, let me live my fantasy that i'm not THAT old).  However i'm willing to try it :p
Gilded Cage Unleashed Lipstick-$40-full size

Whoop Whoop!!  Lipstick!  I love a good lipstick.  There were 3 colours available, a red, a red-orange and a mauve-y brown, surprisingly i was gunning for the last (as were a lot of other bloggers).  And i received it!  It's 107, described on the website as a "Soft sheer pearlescent neutral mauve", and it's a limited edition!!  It's nice and sheer, and will make a brilliant every day shade (although i think fuschia is an every day colour), especially now it's autumn. 
Crappy swatch pic sorry, i couldn't get a better one
Even though the box seemed relatively empty, the contents are worth $120-ish, which is amazing!  Plus there are some brand new brands to explore.

Can The Parcel do anything wrong?

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