Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lust Have It March 2016

Afternoon Lovelies!!

Can you believe this is the 3rd LHI bag of the year?  Or the fact we're almost 3 months in to 2016?  I can't believe Master T turns 3 next weekend, and Hubby turns 30 the day after (which makes my 30th 5ish weeks away!).  My little baby is growing up too quickly!!

I was surprised my LHI bag rocked up today, it was sent thursday, and with the Easter long weekend it made brilliant time.
Back to pink :(  The light is terrible here today, so the photos aren't the best quality (sorry).
Be a Bombshell Mechanical Eyeliner-$20-full size

Black eyeliner.  Blah!  I saw someone else with a purple one, which would have been lovely.  It goes on fairly smoothly, but isn't the most pigmented eyeliner out there.  It seems to have some staying power, however when rubbed after first application it does smudge.
Ruby EyeShadow Blending Brush-$22.40-full size

I'd hate to get a sample size brush :D  This is a 100% natural hair brush (so not for the vegans among us), is lovely and soft, and whilst not the densest brush it feels like it'll do a good job.  I love getting brushes in boxes, and tools in general.  You always need more brushes!
Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash-$14.95-sample size

This smells, funny.  It almost smells like cheap body wash that you get in a hotel room.  It has lots of stuff to help protect skin from dehydration, blah,blah, blah.  I can't see myself putting it on my face, i'll give it a go on my body.  But, yeah, not something i can see myself buying in the future.
Jersey Shore Cosmetics Anti Aging Whole Body Balm-$20-full size

First things first, i can't get past the company name!  I honestly would avoid this like the plague for the name alone.  Secondly, the price is quite different on their online store-$30USD, so $39.74AUD!  Thirdly, this is tiny!  It's the size of a lip balm tube, and it's a full size (there's a bigger size available online, but this is a legit size).  But, after all that, it sounds decent.  It has argan oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, jojoba oil, Vit e etc.  It has a light geranium/coconut fragrance and it isn't greasy (in small doses, i'm not sure in bigger amounts).  I'm wondering how it'd go as a cuticle balm.  And the size is perfect for on the go.
Glazel Visage Single Matte Eyeshadow-$15-full size

Now, here's a new, interesting brand!  By the sounds of it it's a European brand (it's a bit hard to find info on, and the page LHI offer when you try to translate it takes you to wikipedia), and it looks like it's a professional brand, for beauty salons etc. And after swatching this eyeshadow i'd believe it.  It is buttery soft, and one swipe was so pigmented it wasn't funny.  I have a gorgeous teal-y green, which i love.  And it is matte matte.

My camera died before i got swatch pics, so watch this space for those.

But, all in all, it was a great bag.  4 new brands (i don't think sebamed have been in a box before), 1 brand we all know.  And 4 full sizes, which if you go off LHI's prices are valued at $77.40 (and around $97 if you go off the actual brands valuations), so it was well worth buying.

All in all March has been a brilliant box month!

Any news i need to know?  Any new products that you think are great?

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