Friday, April 22, 2016


Afternoon Lovelies!

I'm sure by now everyone (at least in Australia) has heard of The Parcel by Marie Claire, but have you heard of BeautyCrew?  It's a sister website to the box, along the same line as Beauty Heaven and Primped.  So they're doing tutorials, reviews, articles, even some product trials.  I'm actually really excited to see where the site goes, so far i've loved what i've read.

Anyways, when the site first became live, there was a competition where you could win a $250 beauty pack for signing up to the newsletter.  And then, 2 weeks ago, i received an email letting me know i'd won one (there were 16 prizes on offer).  Well today my pack arrived, and i'm surprised you didn't hear my squeals from where ever in the world you are reading this from.  I was kinda excited, and i think you'll see why.
This is how it came (oh well, it was in a packing box with bubble wrap, but this was inside)!  All wrapped, with ribbon and a letter (there is another comp for the 16 winners, for reviewing the products we won).  It felt like Christmas!
Tadah!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG, i've wanted to try a Clarisonic forever!  I have an Aldi cheapy, and love it, so this is just amazing!!  It's a Clarisonic Mia, worth around $155.  It's sitting in my bathroom charging as we speak, and i'm hanging out for 24 hours to be up so i can try it out.
And then, to top it off, we have the Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser ($32), a replacement sensitive head ($35) and a Clarisonic Deep Pore Clay Mask ($32).  I love the fact a replacement head was included, and the skincare sounds amazing.

I was expecting a box of dribs and drabs, maybe something higher end, so to receive this is just amazing!

I'll post a more in depth review once i've given everything a decent trial.

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