Thursday, April 7, 2016

Priceline 40% off-April 2016

Afternoon lovelies!

As you probably know, Priceline has had 40% off cosmetics yesterday and today (And it's not too late to visit a store if you haven't already).

I didn't go in looking for anything in particular, i wanted to browse, have a sticky beak at the Essence stand, and just see if anything caught my eye.  I had a $10 voucher from some market research i did, so i took it along, and ended up spending a bit more!
First, lets talk about the Essence.  The All About Matt ($4.29) foundation is a replacement product, my current one is almost empty, and i really like it.  The white Kajal eyeliner is actually to draw embroidery patterns on to my current project, they wash out well and at $1.20 it was cheap.  The other 3 products are much loved products of other bloggers, the Silky Blush ($3.06) gets rave reviews regularly, and the 2 lipliners ($1.20) are really cheap and are the perfect colours for autumn and winter.

As an aside has anyone else noticed empty Essence stands at Priceline?  Both the one i went to today and the other one i frequent regularly seem constantly empty.
Blush, lipliners and eyeliner
 I spotted these as i walked in.  Savvy gel finish nail polishes, these were in a pack together, and with the sale were only $3.  I'm interested to see how they last.

This was a bit of a reckless purchase, i have so many lip products already.  But i've always like Babylips, and this crayon ($4.17) gives my lips a glossy tint, perfect for lazy days.  Plus it smells yummy!!

Finally, some more Savvy products.  I love the look of manicured eyebrows, but i don't really do my own.  I own 2 pencils, so i was interested in see what was around.  These are the Savvy Brow Kit ($4.79) and the Clear Brow Gel ($2.99).  The brow kit has a powder and a wax, plus a mirror, tweezers and a little slanted brush, it's so cute!
Then, whilst wandering around Coles, i found Crop products.  The first time i'd heard of them was in last months Parcel.  The skincare products were on sale, so i picked up the Gentle Cleansing Gel.  OMG, this smells divine!!  It has Eucalyptus, rosemary, lemongrass and peppermint oils, Jojoba, vit e, cocoa butter, rosehip oil, aloe vera etc, and it's paraben and sulphate free.  I can't wait to try this out, and it was relatively inexpensive (i think i paid $8.40).
So there you have it!  Some lovely new products to play with.

Did you get sucked in like i did?  What did you buy?

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