Monday, January 27, 2014

Australia Day Nails

 In the spirit of Australia Day i decided to paint my nails to suit.  It just so happens that every product i used was from Essence (honestly, if you've never tried Essence, go out and get some!).  I went with the Sparkle & sand in Me and my Lover on my thumbs (the red), and the limited edition Snow White nail polishes on my fingers (in the colour Grumpy and the special effect topper Prince Charming), all followed with the Gel Look Top Coat. 

 Very simple, but has a hint of sparkle.  Grumpy is one of my favourite blues, and the sand & sparkle is relatively new, but holds up so well on my nails (there are 2 other colours available, which i'm trying to hunt down.

                                       Sorry for the terrible photo, everything went spaz on me.

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