Friday, January 31, 2014

Lust Have It Jan 2014

LHI are running late this month, due to all the holidays etc.  Meh, i don't care, it got here eventually (in saying this, i never have an issue with my boxes turning up late.  If i had i might care more).

However, this isn't the best box i've ever received.  It's extremely blah, there are no new brands, realistically there are no 'new' products.  I don't mind the odd repeat of brands/products (i've been subscribing to boxes for almost 2.5 years, plus i've been subscribed to 2 concurrently for the last 4 months.  i'm going to end up with some double ups), but this box is just not very inspiring (but it's better than others i've seen, which look like boxes of leftovers).  Anyway, i'll show off what was in my box, you make up your own mind.

 Evodia Hand Cream in Lemon Sorbet- Full Sized- RRP $17.95

 This smells lovely, absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue, plus it's full sized.  Nothing wrong with it, however Evodia was one of the big LHI products just over 12 months ago (i remember a code that came out around christmas 2012, i have perfumes i bought with it).  It isn't a new brand, it's nothing overly exciting, and whilst it's better then the other box i saw (seacret, anyone?), i'm just not that in to it.

 Simple Skincare Facial Wipes-sample size (7 wipes)-RRP $6.99 for 25 wipes

Unfortunately these won't be going anywhere near my skin.  Simple skincare causes me to break out in the most horrific way (within minutes i'm bright red, feel like i'm burning up, and break out in small pimples).  Waste of a product for me.

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel-deluxe sample (30ml) -RRP $45.80 for 118ml

 This i'm excited about!  with my crappy skin i love trying out exfoliants, and this one sounds promising.  However it is from a brand that has featured several times in the last 6 months within LHI.

Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear-full sized- RRP $14.95

OK, not sure what i think of this.  A)i got it in medium, it's way too dark as you can see and B) i was using this product over 5 years ago (it was in my hospital bag when  had my daughter, she's now almost 5.5 and is off to school).  It isn't new, it isn't special and with all the BB and CC creams now on the market, i can get something that works better, gives better results and come in a larger size for the same, if not less.  I'm sure some people out there will love this, but i just can't get excited over it (plus, it's this like the 4th product like this received in 12 months?  the 2 nude by nature ones- the BB and the tinted moisturiser, last months Maybelline BB cream, and now this?).

Modelco Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in Striptease- full sized- RRP $18

Now, i know currently there is a huge rant going on over on another blog about Modelco (which honestly, i'm on the bloggers side), however i don't mind Modelco products.  I've been part of trial teams for them, i've tested products, i happily use what i have.  But, i already have this, in exactly the same shade.  This is actually the 3rd tube i have of this shade, plus 2 others in another shade.  1 tube at least has come from LHI, i think in this exact same shade (the others have come off magazines or directly from modelco themselves).  Modelco, can we please get some different shades/products from you in these boxes?

In saying all that, this isn't a bad lipgloss, it's a bit sticky, but it's a nice product.  The mirror means i'm not lugging extra stuff around in my bag.  But yeah, Meh!

Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturising Oil-sample size (3ml)-RRP $25 for 40ml

This sounds interesting, it's Buriti Oil (never heard of it), will be interesting to see how it goes.  Plus it's lovely to get something like this that isn't in a tiny sachet, i might actually use it.

There are also coupon codes from Aveda and Paula's choice (paula's choice are offering free shipping, Aveda free shipping plus a sample trio with purchase of the full sized oil).  It isn't what i would call an exciting box, at least 3 of the products will be given/thrown away because i just cannot use them.  LHI, can we please get some new brands? 

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