Friday, January 24, 2014

Violetbox January 2014

First box of the year!!  I love both boxes i subscribe to (Violetbox and Lust Have It).  I've been subscribed to 3 others in the past (which are no longer around, the short lived Beauty Box, the hit-and-miss Glossybox, and the wonderful I Love This Box), but i find these 2 are great, bringing both well loved favourites and brand new finds. 

Today my Violetbox turned up!  so without further adieu.....

So Susan Water Based Pure Luminizer - full size

 Really pretty illuminator.  Almost a pewter colour.  I found it slightly difficult to get out of the tube (it will have to be stored tip down to make life easier), but once out very easy to use.  RRP $49.00

So Susan Nail Laquer  - full size

I got mine in Pink Guava (there were 3 possible colours).  This is free of nasties, and has rosehip oil to help nourish nails.  The above on my nails is 2 coats (it looks darker in person then in the photos).  Supposedly chip-free, so we'll see how it goes (my nails hate nail polish, and have a habit of chipping within 24 hours unless i use a fairly exact process).  I have 2 coats on bare nails, so will put it through the rigors of life with 3 kids.    RRP $10

Lush Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser - sample size

Gorgeous little tin of Lush moisturiser.  smells faintly like insect repellant to me (not enough to put me off, though).  Other variation was the dream cream body moisturiser (i have a sample of this currently from my last Lush visit, a lovely moisturiser, did nothing for my eczema which was why i was sampling it).  So far i've loved everything i've tried from Lush, so can't wait to give this a go.  RRP $74.95 for 45g (plus a code for free shipping when spending over $40 online)

Mor Hand Creams - sample size

Basil and grape, and Black current iris.  I feel a bit meh over these, i'm not a huge fan of sachet samples, especially hand creams, however i'll give these a go sometime (might even chuck them in the nappy bag, they're small so won't take up any precious space)  RRP 14.95 for 80ml

Villainess Soaps - sample size

This smells divine!  I got the Dulces En Fuego soap, it smells like rich, bitter chocolate.  from the website:

"Musky bitter chocolate sweetened with vanilla and touches of citrus then positively inflamed with black pepper and nutmeg."

By the looks of it there is nothing nasty in it, there are certainly some lovely scents available, and at $8.50 per 99g, it isn't going to break the bank for a decadent treat

Acorelle Eau De Parfum in White Orchid - sample size

This is another natural product, using essential oils to 'make you feel good'.  This smells like Jelly Beans!!!!!  It's anti stress (i have 2 off to school in just over a week, so will need to destress after the school run)and uses orange and sandalwood oils, with notes of pear leaf, iris and raspberry.  RRP  $69.95

I'm really impressed with this months box, 3 new (well, at least new to me) brands and 2 full sized products totaling $59.00.  I'm always happy to discover new brands, and the fact there are so many nasty free products is excellent.


  1. Great review! My box was identical to yours, down to the colour of the nail polish! Lol. This was my first violet box, and I like it! My only wish is that the Lush facial moituriser was bigger (hehe) as I love it!! My mum has ordered a VB too and I'm secretly hoping she gets the body cream (which apparently is a 100ml sample) so I can smell that one too! I bet they're both just as awesome as each other! Question for you though, when you say the So Susan Luminizer was hard to get out did you mean because the bottle feels like its filled with mostly air? Mine does and I'm wondering if thats normal?? Ive never used a luminizer before, and to be honest dont really know what to do with it, how to do it or why to use it! Haha. Will have to research them! But in all, I really liked my first VB! Already looking forward to Feb :)

    1. Hi! The face creams always seem to come in tiny little jars, but a little goes a long way :) The body cream smells divine, if you get a chance try it out. And yes! it does feel like it's full of air, i'm hoping it's just because the product had settled etc during shipping. I tend to mix illuminators in with my 'proper' foundations (i use BB creams more often than not), just to break them up slightly, or with my powder/bead ones i very lightly use some over my normal makeup