Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lust Have It March 2014

 Since Friday i've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my LHI box.  VB shipped the same day, and it turned up monday, so the wait time has seemed forever.   A Tiny parcel rocked up today, and i wondered what the hell it was.  It was LHI!  All of a 10x10 parcel.  LHI are having another change in packaging (Again!  next month marks my 2 year 'anniversary' with LHI, and this will be the 4th change of packaging), so currently nothing arrives in a box.  It was well packaged in bubble wrap, the products within just weren't huge.

LHI are changing the way they do business atm, they are doing beauty dips (which i talked about last month.  this month there were 3 different ones), and they have allowed people to choose an item within the box via a facebook status (you could choose from the concealer kit, or an eyeliner.  knowing VB were including an eyeliner this month i went with the concealer), They're promising more choices for future boxes.

Aveda Intensive Hydrating Masque-RRP $79.95 (sample size)

 A face masque, meant to hydrate, cool, etc, etc.  I can't say i'm overly excited, however i'll give it a go (sometime).

Orly Nail Laquer-RRP $18.95 (sample size) 

 Yay!!  The only orly products i've ever tried are the quick dry drops (which i love), and Bonder (which is my go to base, it makes my nail polish last so much longer).  This is the colour Razzmatazz, a gorgeous hot pink/red.  It's going on my nails tonight (they've stained from the green i had on over the weekend, even though i had a base on)

Klara Kiss Proof Lips-RRP $29 (sample size)

I got a gorgeous red (the picture is not reflecting the true colour, it's miserable here today).  From what i'm reading this is much like OCC lip tar, in a little goes a long way.  This was our sneak peak for the month

Human Tested Vegan Lip Balm-RRP $9 (full size)

 Perfect for winter!  This smells lovely (vanilla-y), and has nothing nasty in it.  Living in Canberra, lip balm is essential in winter, and i'm always on the hunt for the perfect one (if you plan on buying them, the code 'freeme' gets free shipping, and 'lustme' is 20% off over $20)

Bloom Secret Weapon Concealer Kit-RRP $20 (full size)

This was the product i chose.  it has 6 different concealer essentials (yellow, green, concealer shades fair, light and medium, and an Illuminiser), and a brush, plus the lid has tips on how to use each.  I got one in Fair/medium, which is absolutely perfect (they were talking about medium/dark kits on facebook, and i was slightly worried i wouldn't get much out of it).  Definitely excited to try this out, and love the concept of being given a choice over what goes into my box.


I'm not going to even bother with RRP etc with this.  It's marked as a product within the box, i can't say i'm happy to see it.  If a box wants to include a sample like this, they really shouldn't bother including it as a box sample, it should just be an extra bonus.

I'm extremely happy with LHI this month, it shows good things come in small packages


  1. I thought the content of the box was good but I wish there were more full size products.. hopefully we'll get one of the beauty dips next month!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  2. It would have been better had either the Klara or the Orly had been full sized, however i prefer this to a box with 1 sample sized cosmetic and then a tonne of skincare/body care. I got a beauty dip last month (a so perfume), i'm still not sure what i think of them. I'd prefer they put any money spent on packaging/beauty dips back in to the box value

    1. Oh I definitely agree, I think there's an impact on the overall quality of the boxes when the beauty dip was introduced. I had a go at my Klara product today, a dip of the wand pretty much coloured my whole lips!