Saturday, March 29, 2014

Priceline Clearance

I went wandering around Priceline (in Belconnen) on Thursday (with a bored husband and son).  I went in to investigate the new Essence collection (metal glam, they have had some metal glam stuff in their normal range, but this included extras), and found extra goodies!  Firstly, the new limited edition collection is lovely, but nothing really caught my eye (at least, not enough to buy it full price, if it ended up in a clearance bin i'd grab it), but there was a lot of clearance items on the stand-it looks like we're in for a big change up again (although i went in to another priceline that afternoon, and there was no signage at all?).  I ended up grabbing a nailfile, which is amazing (and it comes in a case, perfect for the handbag/nappy bag), and a metal glam eyeshadow from the normal range.

(Before we get too far, i apologize for the absolutely miserable photo quality.  I took these yesterday, and was all hyped up on Ventolin whilst i did so.  Ventolin gives me the shakes, so things aren't perfect)

Essence nail file

Essence Metal Glam eyeshadow in 06 Miss Tangerine

Miss Tangerine swatch
The eyeshadow is gorgeous, a very pretty sparkly goldy-champagne-y colour.  It looks peach in real life (and very gold in the photos), but swatches completely different.

Then, as my husband was paying for my goodies, i came across a clearance bin!  Priceline have been clearing out the MNY Range for a few months (it's maybelline, but in a different packaging).  Originally these marketed for $3 each, around christmas they (and the rest of the range, they had some amazing lip balms) were $1.50.  On Thursday they were in a bin marked $0.25!  so i had to grab a few.





309, 625, 741, 441

309 is fairly chalky, although outside you can see a definite sheen to it, and is a lot lighter swatched then in pan; 625 is a black with silver glitter, i get a feeling it might go better used as an eyeliner with a damp brush; 741 is a beautiful shimmery green, a foresty green;441 is a taupe?  again very pretty and shimmery (both 741 and 441 are lovely and buttery soft).

At 25 cents each these were a steal, and i was happy to grab them.

A better picture of everything!

Finally, this is what happens when you blog with awake children, they take off with your stash!!  every time i tried to take a photo, Mister Monster would grab it out of my hand, and run off with it (Mr Monster is 1 next week!!  My baby isn't really a baby anymore, he's been walking for just over 2 months, and nothing is sacred any more). 

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