Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yesstyle Japanese Sample Bag.

As i have mentioned in other posts, i love asian cosmetics and skincare.  So when i found out do sample boxes and bags of different asian brands, i couldn't resist buying one.  I bought myself a Japanese Beauty Sample Starter Kit (RRP $11.90), which contains 8 different samples, and it arrived today!!!!

Firstly, this is how it comes packaged (so cute!!!).  It's a lucky dip whether you'll get a red or a pink koi bag, but every one of these kits comes in one.

All the samples!  As you can see range from deluxe samples to sachets.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Toner

I had to go searching the site to see what this was (as you can see it's all in Japanese).  It's supposed to instantly hydrate skin, and helps lock in moisture.  From the site:

"To be used after cleansing, the Hydrating Lotion is formulated with the advanced skin-hydrating ingredient of Super Hyaluronic Acid, retaining twice as much moisture than regular hyaluronic acid. After cleansing skin, squeeze out a few drops of Hydrating Lotion on your palm and rub palms together. Pat palms on face until lotion is fully absorbed. Follow with Hydrating Milk."

I'm yet to find a toner i really like, so i'm happy to receive this, and can't wait to give it a go

SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel

This sounds like a fairly normal cleanser.  Nice, simple, hydrating etc.  From the site:

"Double-action makeup remover emulsifies dirt and makeup to thoroughly rinse it off while revitalizing skin's natural renewal cycle for improved skin health. SK-II's exclusive pitera ingredient boosts skin condition and balances skin's natural pH level for smooth and supple skin with noticeable radiance. For complete cleaning, dot cleansing gel all over face and then massage on skin. Wipe off with tissue and then rinse thoroughly with water. Pat skin dry."

It's SK-II!!  I've heard so much about the brand, so getting a sample is great!  

  AlBlanc Transclear White Finish Powder

I'm assuming these are samples of translucent powder?  I can't actually find out anything about it (google is failing me, and it isn't on yesstyle).  The sample consists of 2 different shades (both are fairly light), and yeah?  not sure what good the sample will do if i can't find the product to buy.

Cosme Decort White-science Premium Whitening Lift Cream

This is another product that isn't available on yesstyle (not sure why they would send samples of products they don't sell.  isn't the whole idea of samples to get people to shop at your store?).  I have managed to find it on (although i would never, ever buy from fishpond, i have heard too many horror stories).  this is a moisturiser, a night cream to be specific.  From fishpond:

"COSME DECORTE White-Science Premium Whitening Lift Cream is a whitening night cream to unveil exceptional luminosity and elasticity. Infuses skin with moisture and helps maintain optimum hydration level while sleeping. Leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Helps improve skin's barrier function to prevent moisture loss. Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots for a bright even-toned complexion."

Sounds interesting, it is a very cute little pot. Once i finish a few of the samples i already have i'll give it a go.

Finally the 4 sachets!

Shu Uemura Depsea Hydrability Lotion -  I can hear this sloshing around if i shake the packet!  This has a mild exfoliant, vitasea ferment, mineral algae mgca and advanced hyaluronic acid microspheres, and is supposed to make skin "softer, sleeker, plumper and more transparent".  I love Shu Uemura cleansing oil, so can't wait to try this.

Shiseido Fullmake Washable Base  - Again, not available on yesstyle.  This is a primer!  It's made so that you don't need make up remover, make up will wash off in warm water.  Intriguing!  There is a great review here

ALBLANC Medicated Cleansing Gel  - I think this is fairly self explanatory.  Another product that is proving hard to find info on

Sofina Beaut√© lotion - another facial moisturiser.  By the looks of it Sofina and ALBLANC are the same company, and they are proving to be close to impossible to find info on.

All in all i'm very happy with the bag.  Lots of new products to try out, and it wasn't overly expensive (especially seeing as these products aren't well known in Australia). 


  1. I love Asian products too have signed up to one already few weeks ago
    Did you pay for the shipping with yes style Olivia?

  2. No, I googled coupons for the site and found a free shipping one, plus I think there may be free shipping if you use paypal (although don't quote me on that one)