Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Priceline Haul!!!

Whilst browsing Facebook today i saw a post from Priceline stating all cosmetics were 40% off for 2 days (11/3 and 12/3).  Seeing as the brand i love is available at Priceline, i had to go investigate!  i walked out with 6 items (plus 2 hair dyes, the ones i use were on sale), and spent a grand total of $18.89.

I picked up 6 essence items, 4 from the current limited edition that Priceline has (beauty beats, a line from Justin Bieber), and  from the normal line.

Beauty Beats Nail Polishes in Baby, Baby, Ooh! (the purple) and As Long As You Love Me (the grey).  Baby, Baby, Ooh! is a gorgeous dark purple with a very subtle shimmer in it (as in i need to turn the bottle almost upside down to pick it up) and As long as you love me is a pretty grey with silver shimmer, both perfect for the coming season. RRP $2.95

Beauty Beats Blush in Groupie at Heart.  This is a lovely rosy-peachy blush, it's quite bright (although not as bright as the above picture shows), but looks like it will blend beautifully.  RRP $4.25

Beauty Beats lipgloss in Groupie at Heart (essence has a habit of naming several items in a line with the same name, normally these are the same colour.  One line that had plenty of doubles was the Twilight edition).  This looks to be more of a coral then the blush, again though it is a gorgeous colour, and should work really well for autumn.  RRP $3.50

And finally i bought 2 brushes, an eyeshadow brush and a smokey eyes brush.  These are part of the normal line, so should be available from any essence stand.  These are lovely and soft, they're fairly dense, and will make a great addition to my brush collection. RRP $2.25

Plus 2 of these 

This is what i currently use to dye my hair, it's a very natural red (it's Dark Cherry Bliss), and it doesn't show regrowth too quickly (whereas other reds on my hair need to be done at least monthly to look good).  At $4 each i couldn't resist grabbing them.

I'm really happy i've grabbed some of the LE essence range, i wasn't going to, but at these prices i couldn't resist.

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