Monday, March 24, 2014

Violet Box March 2014

Another month, another Box!!  My boxes seem to have been a bit slow this month, but i got shipping notification on Friday (for both VB and LHI), and my Violet Box was delivered today. 

 Love Those Lashes New Silk Strip Lashes-RRP $14.95 (full size)

From all experience with various boxes over the last 2.5 years, this product is either going to be praised, or is going to cause lots of bad feedback on VB's facebook wall.  I'm not in either camp, i've never (ever, even on my wedding day) used fake lashes!  However, i don't mind receiving these, i subscribe to beauty boxes to try different products, and these fit the bill.  They say they are reusable (up to 15 times), can be shaped and cut to suit you, and have a case to be stored in when not in use.  They sound interesting, and i think they might help push me in the fake lash direction.

Starlooks Gem Pencil-RRP $19.50 (full size)

This was the sneak peek for this month.  It gets mixed reviews from America (it was in an Ipsy bag over there, much like the Be a Bombshell the one stick from last month), however what i've read is more good then bad.  This is really, really pretty!  Mine's in Amethyst (the other colour option was Topaz), its a gorgeous pale purple, it is so shimmery, and is just all round lovely.  Swatched on my hand it went on smoothly, and whilst it came off with a baby wipe, it wasn't easily smudged with my fingers.  Love this!

SweetPea and Fay Mineral Eyeshadow-RRP $12.00 (full size)

I'm loving all the purples this month!  This is a highly pigmented eyeshadow in a gorgeous deep purple, and can be worn wet or dry.  The alternative product turned up in a box of mine a few months ago (the Sweetpea and fay liquid lipstick), and unfortunately it is getting a few complaints on the facebook page (due to people getting double ups of products). Admittedly i do think it is too early for the liquid lipstick to be turning up in a VB, and seeing as some people got the eyeshadow then instead, it is probably too early for this too.  I'm more then happy with it, i love the fact that the starlooks and this compliment each other, just a repeat this soon shows a lack of imagination (sorry VB!!)

Acorelle Skincare Day Cream-RRP $49.50 (sample size)

This is a small sample, only 2ml.  Not sure how great a feel i'm going to get from it (looks like it will only do a couple of uses, unless it's a miracle product i can't see anyone getting a real knowledge of the product).  Anyway, the day cream claims to "combat skin ageing, moisturise it and make it radiant on a daily basis" (there are a selection on 3 products that you could get, day cream, night cream or serum).  This will go in the pile of skincare samples to try.

Mireness Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine-RRP $39.93 (sample size)

What to say about this?  A) it's mirenesse, and i do like mirenesse cosmetics.  B) it's a really pretty colour (a corally pink with gold shimmer).  C) it's mirenesse, another sell out brand (honestly, if the only way you can get people to buy your products is to put them on the front of magazines, then something is wrong.  I'm looking straight at you Modelco and NP!!).

No, i really do like Mirenesse, but i don't go out of my way to buy them, and i don't particularly like their business model (here, have samples, have freebies.  just pay through the nose for postage.  Oh, and if you pay an amount per month that postage is free).  I'm not begrudging having this product, i really do like it, just find the brand a bit meh (there is also a code for a free instant lash transplant, just be one of the lucky 1000, and a $25 voucher, just spend $65).

Top-SP&F eyeshadow, middle-starlooks, bottom-mirenesse

Really, i'm very happy with my box, a couple of new brands, some new products from others.  I can't wait to have a play around with some things, and i'm not about to complain about anything, just somethings seem to be fillers or stop gaps.  Next month sounds interesting (there's a sneak peek for next months box, they're including Teeez), and VB is still, what i would consider, to be the top box currently on the Aussie market. 

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