Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today's bargains!

2 posts in 1 day!  Anyways, my mum is down for a visit atm, and we went shopping today.  She's been on the hunt for a lip crayon something like Honey (she lost hers somewhere along the way last year, and has either wanted to replace honey or find a dupe), so we decided to wander around kmart to have a look.  Firstly, everyone knows ELF is back at Kmart?  (i do remember it being stocked there years ago, but it wasn't the brand it is now).  And that Kmart did a big clear out of stock a couple of months ago and there are still piles of this stock around at stores?  Any way, mum found a crayon she liked in the clearance bin (a covergirl one), took it through the registers and had it marked down to 50c!  so we went back :) 

The ELF crayon wasn't clearance (of course), but at $8 it was something i wanted to try (and mum indulged me).  This is a really nice crayon, gorgeous packaging and is extremely close to Honey (mum grabbed a different colour, and has said she thinks the colours she grabbed may be too dark for her, so i've offered to swap).  This is in Natural, there were 4 other shades (our kmart was missing 1, but there was a coral, a red and a tea rose).

Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm in Watermelon Twist.  This is the second one of these i own, the first is a red (either coral twist or ruby twist, i don't remember the name).  I like these, however the colour payoff is nothing like the other crayons i own.  These are very much a tinted balm, instead of the lip stick colour you get from a lot of them (ie the kissable balms).  Still, these are lovely for those days when you don't want a full on gloss, but you don't want full coverage lip colour.  They hydrate well, and you can build the colour up (to a point).  This was a 50c find (the other i own i paid $2.50 for and thought that was a bargain!!)

Australis Pout Paint in Pash me Pink!  Finally!  I have heard amazing things about these, and finally 1 is mine!  This is a gorgeous bright pink, perfect for my current run of bright lips (i had someone comment on how they never saw me with bright colours, and how great i looked with red lip stick on.  it made me realise that a little colour went a long way, and it was something easy to do before i left the house).  It reminds me of OCC lip tar (which i love), and after swatching it did not want to budge (soap and water barely touched the sides, it didn't want to come off).  Again, this was reduced down to 50c!

CG balm, pout paste, ELF

CG balm, pout paste, ELF

That was our bargain shop!  Mum grabbed an ELF crayon (in Tea Rose), and 3 Covergirl Outlast Lipstains (i think). 

Have you found any bargains lately?

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