Saturday, April 26, 2014

More Priceline clearance bin finds (and some new Essence)

Hubby and i managed to get out with out our older kids this week (thanks to my parents) and whilst we only had the littlest one, we did some window shopping.  I was on the hunt for the new essence gel nails at home kit (which i found, but didn't buy), and i also managed to find some clearance bin finds.

Belconnen Priceline still had some of their 25c MNY stock left (although choice is getting low).  I grabbed an eye shadow in 110 (a gorgeous shimmery white, nice and soft, although from swatches it has a bit of fallout), an eye liner in 020 (a metallic gunmetal grey, from swatches doesn't pull and is easy to use) and 2 lipglosses, 681 and 690 (681 is the clear, 690 is the blue.  they are slightly sticky, but smell of berries, and 690 isn't as scary swatched as it looks in the tube).  The lady who served hubby forgot to scan the eyeliner, and once noticed just chucked it in for us (she'd already completed the transaction), so all 4 cost a grand total of 75c.

110, 020, 690

This was found in the clearance bin at Priceline Gungahlin (which they really need to discount further, some of the essence lines were close to 2 years old and they weren't much cheaper then when they were first released).  This was down to $1, so i grabbed it.  It's from the Season of Extremes limited edition, and is called Nude or What? It's a grey/purple, very pretty and perfect for winter.

Finally, there are some new products available on Essence stands at both Priceline and Target (i grabbed mine at Target, but saw them at both Pricelines i visited).  New Essence Products  I picked up the Effect Nail Polish (Glitter Jewels) in 03 Glitz and Glam.

Do you know how hard it is to get a decent photo of this?  It is absolutely beautiful!  It's really fine 'clear' iridescent glitter with larger pink glitter (2 sizes).  I cannot wait to try it out (i'm testing out the Teeez from VB atm, this is next in line).

Has anyone else found any great bargains, or awesome new products?

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