Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Violet Box April 2014

My VB for the month rocked up today!  We were out all day (trawling op shops, i managed to find a gorgeous kimono jacket for $12, i can see myself wearing it all the time), and it was waiting on my door step for me (thank you awesome parcel lady!!!).

Cedel Scented Hairsprays - RRP $4.99 - full size

I'm going to start this by saying 2 things - 1) i hardly ever use hair spray, and 2) i don't particularly like cedel products (the ones i've tried smell horrible).   This is an intriguing idea, a scented hairspray.  I got oriental blossom, a 'floral bouquet with a hint of ginger'.  honestly, after spraying this in to the lid, it smells like hairspray.  I've even let it sit for an hour or so, still smells of hairspray.  There might be some fruity type undertones, but not enough for me to buy in to the gimick.  I'll put it away in case i ever need hair spray, but i already have a couple of wella professional cans from competition wins, so i don't know when this will get used.

Teeez Trend Chain of Stones Nail Laquer - RRP $15 - full size

This was our sneak peek product!  Mine's in Pretty in Pyrite, a gorgeous gold glitter? (the card is saying shimmer, but it's a chunky shimmer).  I can't wait to try this out (i would have already, but i'm out of nail polish remover thanks to smallest terror pouring green nail polish all over the carpet).  A full review to follow in the next couple of weeks :)

Be a Bombshell Eyeliner in Expresso - RRP $19 - full size

Ummm, not quite sure what to think of this.  Is it just me or does there seem to be a run of eyeliners in boxes atm?  This is a felt tip pen eyeliner in a dark brown.  ummm, yeah?  it stayed on my hand well when swatched, and even after showering there is a faint line on my hand.  If you are in to this type of thing it's probably great.

(i will follow that up by saying i'm crap at doing eyeliner.  I'm short sighted, and without my glasses i'm half blind.  i struggle to do a decent eyeliner as i can't get close enough to my bathroom mirror to see what i'm doing.  This may or may not get used)

Bioderma Crealine H20 - RRP $19.95 - sample size

This has turned up in every sample box since it came to Australia, obviously it's VB's turn.  Not overly excited to see this, to be honest, but it is a decent product.

 Villainess Dulces En Fuego Whipped - RRP $15 - sample size

This smells divine!  Just like the soap in the same scent (i'm almost finished the sample from an earlier VB :( ).  It's absorbed beautifully in to the skin, and doesn't leave a greasy film.  Just wish the sample was bigger.


May's box is introducing Goldwell StyleSign Sleek Perfection (i'm loving these sneak peeks)

So that was Aprils box.  Some great products, and some meh products, plus 2?  repeat brands.  Well worth the money spent, however spacing on some products could be improved.


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